Swamp thoughts

Tim Harrington, Lennox Head

Well, Mungo, Peter Dutton must be doing a fantastic job to receive your description as a swamp dweller and a protected species. Perhaps swamp drainer would have been a more apt description, given the mess that he and Morrison inherited from the likes of Rudd, Gillard, and Bowen.

It is unlikely that anyone could have left the joint in a bigger stuff-up than that crowd. Even the front bar of the ‘Billi’ would have left less mess on a free-beer-weekend swill.

And Mungo, in your list of snake-oil messiahs, you have skilfully omitted the Giant Anacondas, unless you have included them in the unnamed ‘equally absurd fringe group’.

One response to “Swamp thoughts”

  1. Michele Grant says:

    Tim Harrington obviously lives in an alternate reality to the rest of us who survived 10 gruelling years of budget cuts to welfare, housing, education and health under tyrant Howard – not to mention poor old asylum seekers or aboriginal communities, the environment or the ABC! Since the unfortunate re-election of Abbott/Turnbull, those nasty neo-con liberals have put the contemptuous boot into everyone not like them – and it continues with the latest assault on welfare recipients – targeting the poorest members of our community to recoup “over-payments” most likely caused by a seriously flawed on-line reporting and working credit systems. Shamelessly while pollies continue to gorge in the public trough – facing only a “pub test” not criminal fraud like normal citizens.

    Those swamp dwellers continue to ignore the impact of negative gearing, and capital gains discounts, and tax evasion by wealthy individuals and corporations and persistently make life harder for those already struggling. I suggest Tim you start building those big high walls cos we poor insignificant people are mad enough to burn your fucking mansions down!

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