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Conscientious objector loophole scrapped for child immunisation

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The federal government's 'no jab no pay' laws take effect from Friday (March 18). Photo Shutterstock
The state government have closed the loophole for conscientious objectors. Photo Shutterstock

With the ‘conscientious objector’ option now scrapped for parents who refuse to immunise their preschool-aged children, how will it affect the northern rivers region, an area known to have the lowest immunisation rates in NSW?    

Last Wednesday, the Public Health Amendment (Review) Bill 2017 passed in NSW parliament, closing the conscientious objector option and forcing all parents to have children immunised for preschool.

Specifically it targets principals of childcare facilities who enrol a child without a vaccination certificate or medical exemption. Fines of $5,500 apply. It follows the 2015 ‘no-jab no‑play’ policy which the then Abbott government rolled out across the nation.

Labor’s Walt Secord spoke to the changes in parliament.

He said, ‘In 2014/15, the Byron Shire rate was 61 per cent, the Mullumbimby rate was 46.7 per cent, and Murwillumbah rate was 76 per cent. These are at dangerous levels. Across the northern NSW local health district, the vaccination rates for children under the age of two is just 84.9 per cent. That is the worst local health district in the state.’

According to www.immunise.health.gov.au, the national immunisation program funds vaccines to prevent diphtheria, haemophilus influenza type B (hib), hepatitis A, hepatitis B, human papillomavirus (HPV), influenza (flu), measles, meningococcal, mumps, pertussis (whooping cough), pneumococcal, poliomyelitis (polio), rotavirus, rubella (German measles), tetanus (lockjaw) and varicella (chickenpox).

Throughout a child’s early life, a program schedule by the government outlines when those vaccines are administered. At birth, hepatitis B is recommended, followed by bundled vaccines at the ages of two, four, six, 12 and 18 months. Another round of shots is recommended at age four.

Greens support

Local Greens MP Tamara Smith told The Echo, ‘Vaccination is contentious in some parts of our community but it is clear to the Greens that the benefits of vaccination far outweigh any negatives. We welcome the significant education component in this bill.’

‘I would prefer to see more emphasis on educating parents and the public in general about the benefits of vaccinating against infectious diseases rather than punitive measures.

‘We must ensure that science and the facts around vaccination and side effects are stated to combat myths and pseudo-science. The government has rolled out an advertising campaign focused on busting myths about vaccination, and that is a positive measure. I welcome the vaccination education initiatives.

‘The Greens have recommended that the government consider the inclusion of a sunset clause to ensure that there is an early review of the Bill.’

Adverse affect

Confidentially agreements prohibit school teachers or principals from speaking on record about immunisation.

But one source who spoke to The Echo says they have worked in the preschool industry for more than ten years, is a mother and her child experienced an adverse affect from immunisation.

‘He was hospitalised,’ she said of her eldest. As such, he was not immunised further, she said, and her second child was not immunised.

‘I sit on the fence with immunisation,’ she says.

‘If parents want to immunise, they should get it, but there should be freedom to make the choice.’

‘Will there be pop-up baby sitters to look after these kids who can’t get into preschool?

‘This only punishes low- income earners and looks highly unconstitutional.

‘I strongly believe some preschools in this area will suffer in numbers and may find it hard to stay open.

‘This appears the first wave of cracking down; workers in the public health industry – paramedics, elderly health workers and teachers – may be next.

‘The vaccination debate is an aggressive and nasty one – it’s not an open discussion with those who don’t want to immunise.

Another adverse affect

A local father also told The Echo that, as a father of five, he had had no issues with vaccination given to his children over the years until his youngest had an adverse reaction.

He said his child became limp and extremely quiet and remained in a ‘lowered state of consciousness’ for three weeks, despite the doctor telling him it was normal.

‘Fortunately, he recovered and the relief we felt was life altering.’

‘It was after this experience that I started to investigate vaccine injuries and similar scenarios that many others had experienced with their own children.

‘I found thousands of peer-reviewed studies, concerned doctors and scientists, whistleblowers from within the pharmaceutical corporations themselves, all stating clearly the dangers of vaccines en masse’.

‘On reading the vaccine inserts the contraindications and possible side effects, one gets the message clearly that we are place our kids and ourselves in a lottery of possible lifelong injuries and even death.  My son is allergic to penicillin which garners no emotional reaction from anyone let alone the medical fraternity. Why is it so difficult to understand that someone could have an adverse reaction to one of the myriad of ingredients held in a vaccine? Saying one-size-fits-all as they do under the current regime with vaccines, is for me like saying antibiotics are perfectly fine for everyone to take’.

‘The latest laws featuring No jab, No pay and now No jab no play, punishes me as a responsible parent for having concerns for the safety of my children and now punishes my children for upholding these concerns. The mainstream media and government are attempting to construe the concern of parents for their kid’s safety along with the lack of informed consent given by doctors, as a criminal act or as nonsense’. 

‘The language politicians and medical zealots are commonly using now is tantamount to religious orthodoxy – casting down the heretics. If history tells us anything it tells us to listen to the concerns of parents and of scientists and to investigate new findings. 

‘Thalidomide was readily prescribed and given to pregnant women for a range of harmless conditions including morning sickness. We know how that turned out – deformities and suffering that went on for years until it was found to be the cause of these horrific side effects that destroyed people’s lives’.

‘It was also widely accepted that our planet was the centre of the universe with the sun and planets revolving around us. Galileo was sentenced to house arrest for the entirety of his living days because the science he proclaimed was Heliocentric – the earth and planets moving around the sun – he and the originator Copernicus were of course proven right’. 

‘Opposition health minister, Walt Secord in the NSW parliament during the reading of the bill passed last week said on vaccines; “There is no scientific or medical debate on this: That is settled. The jury is in.’ ‘Walt Secord would be quite at home in the 1600s, however, as history denotes, the science is never settled, there are always improvements and possibilities where science is concerned. 

‘Today there are thousands of peer-reviewed studies on the dangers of neurotoxins being used as adjuvants and preservatives in vaccines. To arrogantly put an end to research by saying “the science is in” in the face of international protests from parents, doctors and scientists; is not science, it’s religion’.

‘Politicians from both sides of politics continue to invalidate, decry and marginalise us parents for having concerns for our children’s safety in regards to the issue of vaccine safety and efficacy in the current vaccine regime. It appears the main motivation for ‘no jab no play’, as it is being preached to us, is to protect the vaccinated, those children who should rightly be already protected if the vaccines they are given worked. Herd immunity is also being used as the excuse to bully concerned parents, when most adults in our society are not up to schedule. Anyone for a life-time mandatory vaccine register, cradle to grave?  Don’t panic they’re working on it no doubt, it’ll be worth trillions’.

‘Vaccines are a gold-rush for Pharmaceutical companies. It’s a billion dollar industry and some big Pharma share holders are accused of a conflict of interest like our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The Turnbull’s own millions of dollars worth of Pharmaceutical Company shares of which Lucy Turnbull is also the Chair of Prima Biomed, the cervical cancer vaccine developer. The Turnbull’s have enjoyed huge profits through this company’s share value alone, soaring from just over $700K to well over $5 million dollars and these latest laws won’t hurt these share values either’.

‘The powerful Pharmacy industry owns a stake in media too. Billions are paid in advertising and news media contributions. James Murdoch, son of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, was on the UK vaccine giant GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) board for some time.  The Murdoch press appears to be heading the charge against parents concerned about vaccines’. 

‘In February this year, Nephew of former US President, John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy Jnr, a respected lawyer with a masters degree from Harvard in environmental law, offered a reward of one hundred thousand dollars for anybody who can point to any study that states clearly that vaccines are safe – the money is yet to be claimed’.

‘I think there is one thing that everyone can agree on; we all want our children to be safe.

‘If this is so, then why isn’t the Australian Government investigating the myriad of concerns from international scientists, doctors, whistle blowers, lawyers and parents? Maybe if they did, then politicians the likes of Walt Secord could tell us why the term ‘the jury is in’ should ever be used to describe a scientific approach to science’.

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  1. The truth is coming out. Vaccines are anything BUT safe and effective. Dozens of peer reviewed studies show causal links to autism and other horrifying conditions. This is a global genocide and holocaust against us all, but especially our innocent beautiful children. Thank you for having the bravery to post this article and publish the truth. If anyone doubts my claims, do some serious research and have a listen to what experts across the anti-vacciation side of the debate are saying. Vaccines did NOT “save the world” from deadly and other diseases, it’s all a fraud from top to bottom. Do the research, what I write is fact.

  2. this is absolutely disgusting. Vaccines are poison and the evidence against vaccination is overwhelming. Malcolm Turdfull and his vaccination profiteering wife should be jailed for human rights abuse and crimes against humanity. Its embarrassing having an unelected corrupt anti human anti life ego driven turd as a prime minister and when it is someone as corrupt as this man who is intent on poisoning his populace, Jail is the only option…. Come on Apathralia, Rise up and reclaim your country from the criminal enterprise euphemistically referred to as the federal government. Simply a criminal class that has maneuvered themselves into power. The absolute scum of the earth

  3. Health care workers are silenced not to speak in opposition to vaccinations- why does that not ring major alarm bells? Because people believe that ‘anti vaxxers’ are uneducated hippies

    • Toni, we health care workers are not silenced re vaccinations. Majority of health care workers don’t talk out badly about them because we do see a need for them.
      Unfortunately due to the increase in antivaxers, there have been massive resurgence’s of illnesses we had all but irradicated.
      Unfortunately one guy who professed to be a doctor started a wave of panic that vaccinations cause autism, Down’s syndrome, developmental delay & many other health issues all of which were unfounde. He made it all up for fame.
      Vulnerable people followed this guy, kind of like a cult leader, he fed people rubbish they believed because they wanted to. So now we health workers are dealing with people of all ages becoming severely sick & many dying. I’ve cared for many couples who have lost their child to whooping cough, others to measles. It’s so sad & could have been prevented.
      I applaud the govt no pay no play program, maybe they could enforce something similar for schools.

      • Hi Carmel,

        Please read what Laura Haynes (# 46) has written. Her story is the story shared by many thousands of parents around the world. They are eyewitnesses to the truth. They are left picking up the pieces with little to no help from the *greater good*. If you as a nurse are not actively helping a child who has been vaccine-injured then you are part of the problem.

        Anyone still advocating for forced vaccination or forced medical attention of any kind is willfully ignorant of the facts and is no longer relevant as a “professional” healthcare provider.

        You must choose which side of this truth you will align yourself to because history will not be kind to those who chose to continue the maiming of our children and the decimation of our families.

        Our children are the future. We must not fail them.

      • Carmel,
        science is always changing its tune… to say that vaccines are safe for all or that they are solely responsible for any reduction in childhood communicable diseases is not something that can be scientifically validated.
        there are now literally thousands studies raising alarm bells all over the world.
        if there wasn’t big money in it do you think these would be ignored?

        this just one of them – do some research in scientific and medical journals and you will be shocked I predict.


  4. Good for you for reporting unbiased information… people are so blinded by propaganda and fear. I cannot understand how people are ok with forced medical procedures…do the people for mandating really think the list (an already lengthy list!,) is going to stay as is…..? Nope….

  5. Thank you so much for having the balls to publish this article. We need more like them! Absence of evidence is not of evidence of absence!

  6. Conscientious objection must not be scrapped. We all have the right to decide what goes into our bodies. This has nothing to do with Governments.

    Well done to the Echo for reporting a balanced view as other media do not.

  7. Thank you for your honest article. Sadly, when it comes to vaccines there’s is no debate in Australia. Only those who support vaccinations are given voice. I’ve been researching vaccines, how immune system works and the history of diseases for over a year now and I have no doubt that vaccines are not only useless and ineffective but they are also damaging to our immune system. Unvaccinated children are so much more healthy than vaccinated ones. From my experience, vaccinated children have a myriad of health problems, ranging from all sorts of skin disorders like eczema, to asthma and autism. You can’t have healthy children if you keep injecting them with neurotoxins. Health doesn’t come from within, it comes from within.

  8. Thankyou for printing such a balanced article when the media is usually so biased. This is more like the impartial reporting of years ago before media became a presstitute yo government and corporate propaganda. Keep up the good work.

  9. The local father who is quoted here knows the facts while politicians like Secord and Tamara Smith are ignorant. Informed consent underlies medical practice. Medical procedures like vaccination should require the medical practitioner to first obtain informed consent, but this is not happening. Instead we are being coerced and forced. This opens the flood gates for politicians, and the pharamacuetical industry and ignorant doctors to decide what’s best for our children – no thanks! Freedom of choice is the issue here along with corrupt pharmaceutical industry driven science. Well done Echo for a balanced article.

  10. Thanks so much for this story Hans. I am a nurse with 3 unvaccinated children following my sister suffering a severe adverse reaction following a vaccine.
    For the last 18 years I have studied 100s of research articles, because making a decision like this was not easy. What I can tell you is many of the safety studies used to exonerate vaccines are flawed, then on top of that there are hundreds of independent studies showing that something is seriously wrong.
    It is crucial we start a proper conversation so these issues can start being addressed. I know this must’ve been hard to publish- but we should never, ever force medicate the population. It is immoral and simply wrong.

  11. My daughter lost all her hair and got extremely sick after vaccinations. I have done considerable research into the issue and it is very contentious. Politicians quoting science as indubitable in order to support big pharma, is highly dubious and patently false. It is reminiscent of religious forms of control.

    If vaccines work as promoted, then those who chose to vaccinate their kids should have nothing to worry about. So why strong arm others who wish to exercise love of their children and their own intelligence in a different way?

    Aside from the very real concerns about adjuvants noted in the article (which can include neuro-toxins like mercury) there is evidence that diseases mutate as a result of vaccinations and then receive new scientific names that divorce them from the original.

    The jury is very much out on this whole issue and if politicians wish to play God based on the reliability of one-sided pseudo-scientific promotional material and studies funded by monopolistic chemical manufacturers, then they should be held personally responsible for the medical consequences. Otherwise this falls entirely upon the poor parents who are being railroaded into this!

    The Greens lost my vote a long time with their dogmatic stance on this.

    • There will never be a “national debate” about immunisation. Or whether we should wear seat belts in cars, or have fences around swimming pools. The antivaxxers say ” I’m not anti vaccine ” so as to be taken seriously but then can’t help themselves and spout the usual crap from the gang of twelve: Wakefield, Tenpenny, Robert Kennedy Jr, Suzanne Humphries , the lovely Tetyana,etc. In Australia,until conscientious objection (aka belief system) was removed as an excuse for parents to deny immunisation to their children, the rate for same was 1.8 percent of families. It has since fallen and immunisation rates are rising. There will always be a fringe group who have a fixed belief system and resources are thankfully now being directed to the 5 percent of families whose kids are unimmunised due to ignorance or apathy or lack of access. Meanwhile more and more states in Australia and Around the world are mandating immunisation for attendance at child care so really the ant-vax crowd are losing the fight. Relax.

  12. Thank you for publishing this article. Many people are told that the reaction their child experienced was a once off, one in a million. To read that others have this experience opens up the conversation to find out the experiences of others. The studies are alarming. If vaccines were car seats they would be immediately taken from the market.

  13. This is true professional journalism rarely seen these days. Congratulations! Unlike other media sources which present a very one-sided view of the vaccination debate, you have provided a balanced and unbiased report and given a voice to the many, many parents who have concerns about the safety and validity of vaccinations. Well done.

  14. Is something that is our legal right a loophole?
    It’s our legal right to decline medications.
    It’s our legal right to decline prophylactic medications.
    It’s our legal right to decline prophylactic medications that have known side effects.
    It’s our legal right to keep our kids drug free.

  15. Excellent journalism. This is one of the first Austrailian publications that has tried to unbiasedly discuss BOTH sides of the vaccination topic. My belief is that regardless of ones opinions in regards to vaccines, that parents have the right to decide what is good/healthy for their children. Vaccines come with major risks, and to penalize people who don’t receive them is criminal!

  16. It is so good to see the truth, along with some info regarding the profiteering that goes on behind the scenes. What you have printed here is just the tip of the iceberg. How disgustingly corrupt our politicians are when a full disclosure comes out. I well remember some time ago researching the hepatitis issue regarding babies. You know, the problem some have with sleeping around with shared multi partners. Of course babies seem to have a problem with this social habit, so they must get the injection at birth. Even, it seems, if their parents profess a Christian ethic in a monogamous relationship.
    Please obtain or watch on line the seven part documentary series, THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES. It is well worth it. The series gives both sides of the argument, but without the “the science is settled” and “vaccines have saved millions of lives” rhetoric which is absolutely false. It explores areas many haven’t thought to investigate. What I also find puzzling is that the charts that expose the lie regarding the “saved millions of lives” just so story is also available on the internet, so why don’t people look? These charts are not the work of some “lunatic fringe” but come from Government sources in the main.

  17. So refreshing that local people feel safe to voice their experiences and considered opinions on this contentious issue. Freedom of choice is important to me too, as is transparent research and ethical industry. Well done Echo for giving readers the opportunity to read this eloquent piece.

  18. Great article!!!! I totally agree with everything said above, the vaccine schedule and these new laws stink of corruption. They make big pharma Trillions, while we pay the price!!!!!
    Give me the chickenpox, or mumps, of old, its the Autism, Anaphylaxis SIDS, epilepsy, developmental delays, and learning disorders , caused by vaccines that i’m worried about!! Australian kids have never been so chronically ill, the more shots we give them the worse they get!!! Who cares about 200 isolated cases of the measles reported in the corrupt media. What about The Autism Epidemic!!!! No media outlet is talking about that!! WHY It is far worse than any infectious disease, in symptoms, and in frequency, in 2012 Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2012 had it at 1 in 32 kids, newer current estimates have it at 1 in 20. Keep up the good work , great article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Thank you for this fair reporting, hard to find these days with most media unwilling to allow the other side of the vaccination debate. Most people I know who no longer want to vaccinate have done serious research on the effects of vaccines, and many have been pro vaxxers who become ex vaxxers after injury or even death of their child after vaccination. Most of the serious diseases were almost coming to a natural end with improved sanitation, housing and nutrition before a vaccine came onto the market for that particular almost extinct disease. Mumps, measles, chicken pox, were normal and expected childhood diseases mid last century when children still had good immune systems. Ex vaxxers are now the most bullied group in Australia, many of us afraid to express an opinion on vaccination. Perhaps all the adults so keen to inflict the ever growing number of vaccines on tiny babies, should have the vaccinations instead. They may be better able to tolerate the aluminium, Mercury, foetal and animal cells, formaldehyde, live virus etc, which are in vaccines. it was discovered about a decade ago that a percentage of the population are only able to detox about 30% of toxins and children with this MTHFR gene mutation are more likely to suffer injury from vaccine because they can’t detox from the conglomeration of toxic adjuvants. If we want to stop the SIDS and autism epidemic we need to take a closer look at the real research, not big pharmacy’s research. Let’s also stop labelling doctors who are aware of vaccine dangers as “rogue” doctors.

    • I keep telling my anti vac dau to test for MTHFR I have it and also got a contra indication to the flu vaccine yrs ago ( got flu vac every yr as I worked in a hospital till then). She has all the symptoms and Dr saying it’s just a fad !
      Once u know health can be improved I’ve found.

  20. Excellent article. You say it like it is. All over the world, Italy, France, America, Indonesia they are trying to manage vaccines. Our population’s health continues to deteriorate seriously. While this is surely multifacorial, the masses of injected vaccines is definitely a large piece of the puzzle that Goovernments must be being paid handsomely not to see!

  21. One of my family members refuses to have her kids immunised, not for political reasons nor for bloody-mindedness, but just because of a fear of immunisation and all the negative publicity she’s been subjected to. She would rather just lose her child benefits pensions and school her kids at home if that’s what it takes. I’m on the opposite side and try to persuade her to have her kids immunised, to no avail.
    Does that mean she has to be automatically relegated to the ‘under class’, living a life of government-induced poverty and discrimination? Something wrong here!

  22. Our former family daycare provider, who has been in the business over 20 years, told us our non-vaccinated kids were the healthiest she’s had in her care. Even when they did get sick with a runny nose, they recuperated much faster compared to the vaccinated kids.

    I’m also a practicing Hare Krsna devotee and based on the principles of our faith we’ve opted not to inject cell lines from aborted foetuses and by products from the animal slaughter industry (all of which are contained in vaccines) into my kids.

    I don’t need state and federal governments trying to dictate their values to me or my family.

  23. Great piece, its about time someone wrote an unbias, balanced piece. In any instance these new policies are financial blackmail and coercion. Its wrong.

  24. As a mother of a highley allergic child. I refuse to vaccinate my child. I hate to think what could of happened to him.Thanks for your article.

  25. Thank you for such a well balanced article. It is not one in a million, vaccine damage is common. If only parents and doctors would take the time to read the vaccine insert before vaccinating and know and understand the dangers. The pharmaceutical industry is just too powerful and through their influence we have lost freedom of choice and freedom of speech.

  26. Thank you for this well-balanced article. It seems real journalism is not yet dead.

    We must VOTE OUT all elected officials who think it is their right to take away our rights.

    Start at the top with the PM, his entire party and the other side of the same coin, the ALP.

    Then vote out the Greens who are anything but.

    Find out from each independent/minor party what their stance is on vaccination choice and use this one marker to decide who gets your vote. Tell them what you expect.

    This is the most important topic of our times and we need to make sure our representatives don’t forget who they work for.

    Australia’s future is its children. We must not fail them.

  27. Bless you for writing a balanced article. I was beginning to think that Julian Assange was the only decent and courageous journalist left in Australia. The interesting thing about this subject for me and I know many other people it is we only became interested because of our own experience. I was first vaccine injured at 16, and again at 48. That led me to look into the truth of the pharmaceutical Industry and how it is so corrupt. They have their evil tentacles and vested interests at every level. Unfortunately our politicians have sold their souls in the hope for higher profits in their shares of the Pharma companies. In all things follow the money. Consider the fact that they divide and conquer us calling us anti and pro vexed, it’s so demeaning. The only thing that is important is to have safe vaccines for parents who so choose and who one day when they see the truth, they will thank us for waking everybody up and keeping their children safe. And freedom of choice for those who don’t choose to. If the vaccines work you are immune end of story and you should be safe, if not why the hell are you vaccinating for. On the original charts you can see that disease was falling to a very low level exactly at the time they introduced vaccines. There has been no vaccine for scarlet fever or typhoid and these have simply disappeared. We will not let the future of our children be destroyed by this crime against humanity.

  28. Scientific consensus on the safety and effecy of vaccines is very well established. Selfish and very ignorant people choose to ignore the science, and as a result, bring back deadly, preventable diseases.

    Right now, in Eastern Europe, measles is ravaging the antivax community, with thousands infects and hundreds of children dead… killed by their own parents who believed they knew more than medical science.

    • The kids in eastern europe were all sick and malnourished. Yes, measles can be dangerous and deadly if your body is already sick and malnourished. And what about the children who died because of vaccines? Don’t they count?!? But if vaccines were the answer and not healthy food and clean water, all people in developing countries would be the healtiest ever. Even the WHO admits that the only polio strain, still circulating , is the vaccine strain. Why do you think we don’t have polio in developed countries anymore, but people in developing countries are still trying to fight it, despite mass vaccination? You are absolutely right, people who do not look at the history of vaccines and don’t do the research are ignorant and selfish.

  29. It doesnt stop there, the control tentacles have stretched to uni students studying social work who have to
    be vaccinated in order for them to do the practical component of their degree. A bit rough to find out a
    At the end of her second year after the hex debt has been racked up .Bit sad for me as her mother who faithfully spent two years giving her homeopathic cover and to hear that she then had fevers, aches , general mood decline and loss of motivation which lasted for over a week for something she didnt want to do either but was powerless to do otherwise.

  30. I think this journalist may be getting a cautionary warning from on high about this article and we won’t be seeing any more unbiased efforts in the future, back engineer who OWNS this paper and you’ll understand why,,The first thing to send the temperature up was the opinions of the GREENS the Claytons good guys political party, the statement could have been equally made by either of the other puppet shows ,the need to educate the population about vaccines ? What do they think is going on right now via alternate sources to the MSM ? people ARE educating themselves about Vaccines and choosing in droves not to play Russian Roulette with their children. I think what they meant to say was we need to counter the truth it’s becoming popular., Here’s my personal list of death and injury witnessed in my extended family in a lifetime ,Firstly my wife and I NEVER vaccinated our children, having read literature from the Quaker society back in the 1980,s ,when EVERYONE vaccinated their kids, The result ? no childhood illnesses whilst around us a list of issues Asthma, Excema, irritable bowel , gut issues ,grommets , middle ear infections ,flu , coughs colds, my cousin had a shot in late pregnancy baby dies in the womb within a day or so, other cousin gets shot for new born dead from cot death 48 plus hours later, then i get remarried years later and find that my sister in law has an autistic 10 year old went into hospital a healthy baby runs up a high fever for a week a few hours after vaccination spends the next 10 miserable years in bed or staggering around dribbling unable to speak catch a ball he dies while I’m there following his little brother who died at 5 years of age from the same thing Autism manifesting after a high fever from vaccination so she lost two to Vaccination she didn’t join the dots on the first one so took the second one in also then she joined the dots and didn’t vaccinate her third one she’s a strong healthy 8 year old girl now ..No one can lie to me about Vaccination no matter how many corporate dollars were spent to hide the truth, you think that’s a bit harsh ? A woman i was working with at LINC TV years ago diclosed to me that she had been a lab worker and was given a baby to autopsy that had died from cot death she found a direct link between the vaccine given and a hole from infection in the diaphragm, she puts it in her report ,and gives it to her superior ,he confronts her the next day and orders her to remove the conclusion about the vaccine, she says why ? and he says “we can’t have one death compromise the vaccine program” now how many deaths do you think get covered up daily by the system ?

  31. You have balls to put this in print and I hugely admire you for it. The tide will only turn when more journalists and parents start to speak out. Get out, speak to your politicians, tell them your stories, speak to your friends. If people wish to vaccinate fine. If people don’t, that should be equally as fine. There is huge media bias and mis information around this subject. Thanks for tackling it head on.

  32. Lowest immunisation rates in NSW: highest rate of people who claim to be ‘Researchers’.
    And what Researchers! All the credibility that comes with NO references, and all the authority that conspiracy theory affords. Brilliant.
    Critical thinking – astounding! Clearly the praise for this article as balanced, unbiased, superb journalism will see it win a Walkley Award. Can’t wait.
    Nope, no MAGICAL thinking here, no BUBBLES to be burst, no ECHO CHAMBERS in earshot.
    Ahhh, the Community!

  33. my child contracted meningitis as a babe, at 6 weeks. His life changed forever.
    On the recommendation of his paediatrician his vaccinations were postponed until older.
    By all means delay, but damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
    I remain an advocate for vaccination.

  34. Thank you! I was vehemently pro vaccination until both of my daughters suffered severe reactions, leading to permanent disability in one case. We have taken not one but two for the team & have, by & large, been left to deal with the consequences alone. Navigating the utter mess of ADHC & NDIS to manage the fallout has taken years of time & energy, all because of medicine I was assured was safe & effective. We are not fools, we are witnesses.

  35. On the Constitution one should check out s51xxiiiA prohibiting civil conscription regarding medical. There may be strong grounds that the state has exceeded its power

    Also is there any research on the numbers of kids who have developed autism and other adverse conditions in unvaccinated kids?

    Tamara Smith is definitely a phoney green who has never frontlined an environment or justice issue compared to mayor Milne Bob Brown etc

    As for Walter secombe he is a joke, I mean he wanted to aeriall spray Lis more after the flood with pesticides for example

  36. Who ARE the “one source” and ” a local father(unnamed)? you quote? If they are so adamant their opinions are correct,why not name them.Perhaps they are figments of someones imagination,or perhaps the author of the piece has a vested interest in producing such alarmist diatribe.

  37. What a joke of a “news” paper. Echo net? More like echo chamber.

    The amount of space given to anti vaxxers, without offering any critique of their anecdotes, is appalling.

    This is no better than Natural News type propaganda.

    For shame.

  38. Thank you so very much for this much needed unbiased article on vaccines. I used to vaccinate. My first son seemed fine at first, he did not have an immediate reaction, but his health deteriorated after each vaccine, over time. Digestive issues, migraine attacks ( which we then found out, where triggered by the MMR vaccines, which caused brain inflammation ),allergies, enormous toncils ( his immune system was overstimulated by the vaccines, that was confirmed by the surgeon ), learning problems etc. He is now 12 years of age and was just diagnosed with the MTHFR gene mutation. My second son had an immediate reaction, seizure, severe vomitting and diarrhea, lung infection and then his skin started to blister and bleed. I was told everything is normal. How can THAT be normal? How can it be that hopitals have vaccine recitation wards???? My three year old daughter is vaccine free and as healthy as can be. People need to research and stop believing what the media, the government and unfortunately, their GP’s tells them about vaccines. There is sooooo much more to the story. Just ask yourself, why doctors and scientists risk everything to tell you the truth about vaccines? Do you think they do it for fun? They lose pretty much everything by speaking up. Just listen to them. We are fighting this for your children too!!!!

  39. Thank you so much for this article! Something that causes me much consternation, is what Kennedy Jnr also mentioned in his talk, that Regan made pharmaceutical companies immune to law suits, and then set up another body to deal with vaccine injury litigation, which has paid out over 4 billion dollars in compensation!!! That’s a helluva lot of hard won compensation payouts for ‘safe’ vaccines.

  40. The ‘hearts and minds’ campaign for belief in vaccine safety can never be won. Laura Haynes above describes herself as formerly being ‘vehemently pro vaccination’, and now has a daughter who is, tragically, permanent disabled, with the mother ascribing this to vaccine injury.

    The more ideologically-driven pro-vaccination parents will not only be ensuring that their children are given all available vaccines, regardless of how many new ones appear on the market, but will also sign up for multiple shots at once. This in turn increases the likelihood of adverse events that are sufficiently severe to turn a vaccinator into an ex-vaccinator who is prepared to speak up.

    Meanwhile, regardless of what the media omits to mention about the incidence of severe side-effects, people talk to each other. Every parent with a vaccine-injured child has relatives and friends. Word gets around.

  41. Thank you for an unbiased report on this very volatile subject.
    It is rare in this age of bought and sponsored media.
    This is about human lives, our children’s lives, and is not a matter that a government can legislate “one size fits all” for. The very fact that there is a solid wall of censorship coming down on this issue, should be ringing alarm bells for anyone with a thinking brain. There is always more than one side to a subject or situation and in this case, the risks are horrendous and should be acknowledged, especially to those who have already paid the ultimate price for “doing as they were told”.
    While it is tragic to see the rare cases of a child dying from a so called “vaccine preventable” disease, (though often we are never told the full story on those situations once they become the marketing tool for vaccine manufacturers) it is even more disgusting and tragic the thousands of children who are killed or injured from vaccinations who are never acknowledged, compensated or honoured – those shattered lives are denied and lied about and swept under the bureaucratic rug because of such blatant censorship and propaganda. One day the truth will come out how the current generations are simply guinea pigs and have been sold out for corporate profit, and then at the feet of our government will be laid these horrendous crimes against humanity.
    Will they be so willing to legislate and preach then?
    Thank you once again for an unbiased and balanced article.

  42. Once again Tamara voices common sense. First it was supporting cycle tourism; now supporting vaccination. If she keeps it up I might even vote for her. I do wonder why the readers are so positive about this mish-mash of re-hashed innuendo. If people have any concerns about vaccination they should ignore Lovejoy and the chattering classes of our verdant hill villages, and talk to their GP. She is much better qualified to advise on the matter.

    • So what do you think about all of the vaccine injury stories that have been shared here? And what do you think about the brand new peer-reviewed scientific study linking aluminium in vaccines to autism (comment 1?) The public is regularly told that it should focus on peer-reviewed science. Is it now a case of being selective and dividing up these scientific studies into two categories – ‘good’ studies, and ‘bad’ studies that raise concerns about vaccine safety?

      • I don’t think about them Adrian – I have no need to. Medicine and medicines bore me and my GP almost puts me to sleep when I consult on a matter with the recent medical literature on whatever the issue is. It is his job – one he trained for a decade or so – to sort through which studies. He used to follow the current fad and outline the literature and then ask me what I want to do. After I told him my favourite proverb from decades of contracting expert consultants, some medical, for the Commonwealth – “Don’t buy a dog and do its barking for it”; he smiled and now just tells me what to do and I follow his advice. On the rare occasion it involves medicine I trot down to the pharmacy and buy the generic brand of whatever he wrote on the script. It is exactly the same approach my father who was a pharmacist took to our health. He never discussed the merits of the whatever we were prescribed – that was the doctor’s job. Coming from a family of nonagenarians who pretty much all shared the same healthy lack of interest in medicine as a topic of tea time conversation, I commend it to any non-medical professional.

        • You are lucky. Many people who unquestioning ran to the chemist with a doctors’ script are now dead from psychiatric drugs. All health advice, regardless of its origin and the qualifications of the person offering it, deserves to be considered and researched.

  43. This article is music to my ears!
    Thanks for not being mainstream and publishing the anguish parents of vaccine injured children feel.
    Fantastic, we need more of this, BE BRAVE!!

  44. Thank you for writing a piece which gives two sides of the vaccine debate. How rare this is in today’s main stream media. For once the author did not resort to using the pro pharma propaganda tactic of writing an article which ridicules parents of vaccine injured children by branding them as anti vaxxers rather than ex vaxxers. However, as usual politicians are asked for their opinion on the vaccine safety debate. I don’t understand why this is always the case when not one politician including Richard De Natale has shown any knowledge of the plethora of peer reviewed literature on PUB Med which questions vaccine safety. If they had they would not be singing from pharma’s hym sheet. I can only assume the use of politicians in these articles is to get people to vote for them because they have shown they have no respect for the vaccine injured, ex vaxxers, or vaccine wary. Somehow they must think people respect a politican’s opinion and it will translate to votes for them. Well I think the Greens who take political donations from big pharma and Monsanto should not be able to call themselves Greens because they are anything but. Labor and Liberals also rely heavily on political donations from big pharma so no chance of the corruption behind vaccine safety research begin exposed with them either.

  45. I perceived the article as biased. Where are the statistics of disease and suffering in children prior to vaccinations? It seems to me that if we live in an artificial environment ‘modern society’ that we need to manage disease artificially also. Cramming lots of kids into institutions for education is creating the ideal environment for the spread of diseases and viruses, so vaccinations make sense. Much less risk to children’s safety overall.

  46. Shouldn’t we make seatbelts optional too. I mean…if one’s car slid under a semi-trailer, sideways, one would be killed because they could not get the seatbelt off quick enough to duck in time. Compulsory seatbelt legislation is not fair to those who don’t want to be decapitated sliding under a semi-trailer sideways

  47. As for unbiased, I note that the reporter covers him/herself by having the majority of the article in quotation marks naming only two sources – those for vaccination. The rest is heresay since lacks any identifiable source. We could have the same debate on climate change and find the similar two anonymous ‘sources’ quoting U.N.-identified peer reviewed articles saying that climate change is all a conspiracy.

    NO, not a balanced article and poorly sourced and referenced on the anti-vaccination side. Shame on the editor that let this one through as informing the public.


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