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May 29, 2024

Free Julian Assange rally in Lismore

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There were many speakers at the Free Julian Assange rally in Lismore. Photo Emma Capp.

Supporters of Julian Assange gathered outside Lismore Baths on Saturday, the 20th Anniversary of the Iraq war, to add their voice to those who would see the journalist free.

I was an insightful meeting and a solid show of support for Assange’s freedom in the aftermath of his arrest for publishing the truth. It was ‘Lismore’s Belmarsh Tribunal’ as Roy Drew from the creator of the Northern NSW 4 Assange, stated. In saying this he urged people to watch the ‘Sydney Belmarsh Tribunal’ found on the Facebook and Twitter pages he manages. In what now is being aptly termed as Julian’s ‘hostage’ status.

This rally had a number of focal points; the release of Julian Assange, whistleblowing in general, the unconditional demand for freedom of speech, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and on the talk of further war on our horizon. Addressing history threatening to be repeated with US led wars being sold to us on the AUKUS front. Bewildering to most that AUKUS was born in secrecy during the Morrison era in the midst of his ministerial plate-spinning saga. 

Artist and poet Drow Smith, who was detained then deported for asking questions in America. Photo supplied.

In-depth list

An in-depth list was provided to us by speaker Miriam Torzillo (an anti-militarist activist with Wage Peace) of some of the major corporations that profit from war/weapons sales, that in turn fund public sectors such as education. Her message is to educate ourselves of the monetary incentives of war and the chilling conflicts of interest that are occurring. 

Assange, Chelsea Manning, David McBride and the multitude of other investigative journalists, military personal, community members keep bring us proof of corruption. Its all in the hope we’ll apply discernment when the next war is sold to us on the front pages of our major newspapers. Yet here we are. Last week images of a fleets of bomber planes headed towards us through ominous reddened skies- casually predicting a war with China within three years. This was featured on the front page of two major newspapers. If you are afraid, you should be, but not of China, as John Pilger points out in his captivating film The Coming War On China, an investigation into the lack of threat from China. 

The aim of this gathering was to teach, update and motivate our community, adding to the global momentum as Graeme Dunstan reiterated. In working in close quarters with Assange’s father, John Shipton, Graeme shares his passion like an uncle for Julian”s release.

His plea is simply watch the film Ithaka. (Free on ABC iView). Alternatively, we will all pay for the loss of freedom of speech. As McBride said at the Melbourne rally Sunday just gone; Anthony Albanese would be better off going down in history as the PM that saved Julian Assange rather than one that let him die. 

Whistle blowers and publishers must be protected

Whistle blowers and publishers must be protected not punished, murdered and or tortured by our own states. Their ultimate intentions; to restore integrity in leadership. To inform readers briefly, David McBride, a Major/Lawyer, Soldier and now whistle blower from the Australian Army pushed internally for Dept of defence to be exactly that: defence -not offence as called out corruption.

David McBride stresses to Michael West in an interview that he should be reinstated to clean up the department not jail him for going to the media – which by the way, after internal avenues failed, he was within his rights to go to the media as departmental policy stated.

In light of Assange and Manning’s reveal of war crimes. Acknowledgement of this occurrence, solid steps and accountability is what’s needed. To honour the deaths as being more than ‘collateral damage’ or as Julian puts it: ‘collateral murder’. For the indigenous families of Iraq and Afghanistan, in particular the civilian deaths, estimated to be 900 000.

It’s the likes of Assange, Manning and McBride that are seen as the real hero’s to their national grief. Hideous crimes are still being committed overseas and here at home, unsurprisingly mostly for resources and power. Even as we speak in this country, there’s an ongoing war between unrestrained corporate greed and our indigenous people. Not to mention our ecology, farmers and citizen scientists. First nation’s Gurridyula charismatically reports the unravelling crimes and morally bankrupt acts by Adani. Stressing, along with water at the sacred Doongmabulla Springs and in his shout out to the Pilliga, these prominent water recharging sites for the Great Artesian Basin are under threat to all Australian’s survival. 

Protection and unbiased media is non-negotiable

Protection and unbiased media support for all our brave messengers is non-negotiable. It’s a national embarrassment in seeing the phenomenal rise in support for these messages to be dealt with morally.

The global wounds in witnessing the punishment of Julian Assange and countless others that bring us the truth must be addressed with the upmost integrity on every level as a matter of dire national and global faith in our leadership. 

It is simply about education. 

For those of us with apathy or resistance in supporting Julian Assange’s release, it may not be our fault but it can be remedied with reputable sources of information and a willingness to look into both sides of his case.  Although reducing, this lack of support seems to be down, in part to, “tabloidisation.”

News headings or dramatic articles from the inner circle of the press and government officials that have far reaching and effective cultural impacts. While drumming up a war to say we were now a target of Iraq and if we remember correctly, went ahead without the UN’s approval for what has now been proven to have been fought on false grounds.

Simultaneously to running smear campaigns from fabricated rape claims, niggly points about his personality, to biggest lie, that it was him that was a threat to our national security. Now media outlets are openly saying they released the narrative without the proof. For what? A solid US foot hold in Iraq and nearly a million dead innocent civilians.

Tabloidisation, effectively enables the tired or over empathetic to disconnect.

All the leaks have been mismanaged

However, when you finally see the documentation of ill-happenings for yourself and learn how all the leaks have been mismanaged and where more efforts are going to persecuting and jailing these messengers- that alone is telling. 

Without further ado, big thanks to all the organisers and speakers; Aunty Thelma and Aunty Shay, Miriam, Graham and Roy (mentioned above), Eddie Lloyd (Violet Coco’s lawyer), ‘Free the Truth’ director Kym Staton, US Imprisoned and deported Poet Drow Smith and Musicians Lucie Garlik and Brodie Buttons. 

Violet Coco out of jail

And congratulations to Eddie Lloyd for getting climate change protester, Violet Coco out of jail, this is a win, although unfathomable that she had to fight this fight.

Visit www.assangecampaign.org.au or assangefreedom.network to find out how you can support the unconditional release of Julian Assange and free the press.

Yvonne Preston is a team member with Northern Rivers NSW 4 Assange.

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  1. To surround China, the west needs to get tanks on their northern border. Unfortunately the people who live on there, known as ‘Russians’, are non-cooperative, and so they staged a coupe in Ukraine 2014 to depose the Russian friendly government, began militarizing Ukraine, building Poland’s army to epic proportions, and demonizing Russia in the press. As troops began to buildup in the Donbass last year, the Russians struck first and wrecked the plan, forestalling the attack on China. But it’s OK, the western oligarchs will just keep piling weapons into Ukraine to keep, what should have been a one month war, going until every last Ukrainian has been used to wear down Russia. Then they will attack using Poland and get those tanks battalions on to China’s doorstep. Do you stand with Ukraine?

  2. Hi mr Christian.

    The people in Africa , the middle east and the poor nations around the world stand up with Russia against Ukraine.

    I feel sorry for the people of Ukraine.

    The World is tired of the U.S policy .

    141 governments may support USA . But the majority of the simple people around the world support Russia against USA

    “Julian Assange” made millions of people around the world know the real face of USA

  3. Iam Egyptian man.

    I thank the Australian newspaper ” the echo” for highlighting the case of ” Julian Assange”.

    The people of the world do not know that king of England ” Charles” may put ” Julian Assange” extra 3 years or 3 more years in Belmarsh prison.

    The people of the world do not know that the English police stopped ” Julian Assange” from killing himself many times because he suffers from intensive mental problems now.

    The people of the world do not know that the English police puts ” Julian Assange” into solitary confinement and sometimes they make ” Julian Assange” take off all his clothes.

    There are Non confirmed news in Egypt saying that ” Julian Assange” may get killed inside USA in the U.S prisons after coming three years.

    It is clear that the British deep state and the U.S deep state are stronger than presidents of USA and they insist on killing ” Julian Assange”.

    Iam sure 100% that the U.S deep state and the British deep state are scared of the Australian newspapers that talk about ” Julian Assange”

      • Gabr Sultan is a reality theorist. It’s hard work trying to figure out what’s actually happening and why. Much easier to believe whatever propaganda is presented by the particular control system you live under. Until it gets you killed of course. Did they ever find Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction Keith?

  4. Iam not conspiracy theorist.

    The international western newspapers say that ” hillary clinton” and ” mike pompeo'” tried to kill ” Julian Assange” many times.

    King of England ‘”Charles” is secret president of the world in the black darkness and he is leader of 600 rich families in Britain and USA.

    The Australian people are the only people who can set free “Julian Assange” . Because king of England ” Charles” will kill ” Julian Assange” if the Australian people stop talking about “Julian Assange”.

    The German newspaper ” Der Spiegel ” says that CIA is studying how to silence and target the international journalists who talk about ‘”Julian Assange”

    • Well that’s your “Turning the friggin frogs gay” moment. You said a bunch of factoids that are technically true, sort of. But you said them in a way that makes you appear nuts to normies even though you, like me, could show them the certified docs on that. You have to talk to them the way the evening news says things. The media says crazy, contradictory, falsifiable things, everyday, but they say them a certain way that goes right past the public’s perception filtering.

  5. Iam Egyptian man.

    Iam very happy because the Arab leaders in the middle east read the documents of ” Julian Assange” on website of wikileaks and they are building Chinese military bases in the middle east now at this moment because ” Julian Assange” scandalized USA.

    I feel very sorry for ” Julian Assange”.

    I have hope 1% that king of England “Charles” will set free ” Julian Assange” but Iam Egyptian pessimistic . I think that king of England ” Charles” will kill ” Julian Assange ” on the probability 99%.

    If king of England sets free ” julian Assange” so i will not come to the Australian newspaper echo again.

    • If it looks like a conspiracy theory, sounds like a conspiracy theory, and smells like a conspiracy theory, you can bet that it’s a conspiracy theory. It might be a good idea to stop listening to misleading propaganda and join the real world.

      • Keith, have you actually watched the main stream media in other countries? Most of what he is saying is straight off tv over there. He even quotes Der Spiegel, which is basically the Deutschland Echo. You want wacky, try the Qatar nightly news at 6. The world is not made of English speaking White people Keith, they are very very very different from you. Your just experiencing Xenophobia. Don’t attack the poor Africa man. If the CIA had overthrown your government multiple times, you would be more aware of how things work as well. I bet you aren’t even aware of the bases, and entire cities, the Chinese have established throughout the Middle East and Africa. The Euroasian multi-polar world order has been taking over the planet while you have been arguing about cow farts and tree rats.

  6. God willing . The American globalization is getting killed in Ukraine now .

    The Danish movie ” cold case” talked about the role of the White British army in injecting millions of black Africans with HIV virus in the era of ” Nelson Mandela” in South Africa , Angola and mozambique

    “Julian Assange” gave the Iraqi government indirectly U.S video clips of killing Iraqi civilians.

    God willing , the world will get rid of the U.S British colonization in the swamp of Ukraine .

    • Bismillah, we must stop those who control the Americans before they force the war to grow and burn the world, Inshallah.

  7. Hi mr christian

    The policy of the U.S government is to create international conflicts around the world to activate the operations of selling American weapons.

    The U.S policy will never change forever.

    Killing the American globalization in the swamp of Ukraine is the only solution to save the world from the American hell.

    • Selling weapons one way the managers are paid for following orders. Saddam started selling oil for Euros instead of dollars. Gaddafi created a gold Dinar currency for African countries to use for trade instead of the Dollar. When a government takes control of its central bank, it is declared evil and the US is sent to attack it – Iran, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Libya, EGYPT…

      The Dollar and Yuan are created from nothing by the rulers and used to create slave keepers. You’re confusing the managers with the owners.

      All wars are banker’s wars Sadiki.

    • How is this for a spot of advice for you poor people; if you hate western democracies so much go and live in Russia, China, Iran or North Korea or any other broken arsed country that is run by a dictator, we won’t miss you.

      • Well we certainly wouldn’t want to be broke arse like China. How much do we own them again? How much of Australia and the Planet do they own now?
        We don’t have a problem with free market democracy, we would just like the western countries to try it.

  8. Hello mr keith. Read carefully please.

    Don’t worry . I live in Egypt . I defend ” Julian Assange” and at the same time I do not want to live in the western democracy . I have dignity .

    Iam not begging foreign passport.

    In general , I do not want to live outside Egypt because I do not want to steal the jobs from Russian workers or chinese workers or British workers Anglo saxons.

    I ask the Australian news paper ” the echo ‘” to contact the U.S congress member woman ” Rashida Talib”.

    The U.S congress member ” Rashida Talib” is the best woman in the world number one or number two who is defending ” Julian Assange”

    The Egyptian journalist ” Mohamed Abdel hameed” was the best man in the world defending ” Julian Assange” . But his channel is stopped on you tube and he has lost his job and his money 100% in Egypt.

    • We known you are an Egyptian Nationalist who is simply trying to make Egypt great again. I support you brother. In Australia, we are doing everything we can for Julian. Our government can not force America and UK. Our people need to get Julian back not only because it is the right thing to do, but also to restore our national pride. Only slave countries can not protect their citizens. You need to convince Americans that Julian is a good man, and tell them to pressure their government. You are always welcome at the Echo.

    • Hello Mr Gabr sultan, I hope your life in Egypt is going well for you, we in Australia value our life in a free Western democracy, and our right for free speech, and our right for a fair trial when facing serious criminal charges, and to choose our religion, very dearly, good luck with your life.

  9. 7 april 2023

    I did not want to come to the newspaper of the echo today .

    The Egyptians and supporters of “Julian Assange” around the world received important news minutes ago from newspaper called “pyonter” saying that ” Biden adminstration ” or the deep British state in London City decided to kill “”Julian Assange ” on the probability of 99%. (175 years in U.S prisons)

    It is very clear that the British deep state in London city is super angry now because population of the earth in 200 countries or 190 countries are trying now to kill the U.S dollar and succeeded in reducing the value of the U.S dollar 22%. That is why the British deep state in London city decided to kill ” Julian Assange”.

    Iam too much sad in Egypt .

    Wife of ” Julian Assange” may have not received this new information yet


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