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Clarence State Electorate

Seat of Clarence NSW. Image https://elections.nsw.gov.au/district-profiles/clarence

Voting in the seat of Clarence

The NSW electorate of Clarance covers 13,494.54 km2 covering around 56,859 voters and includes Casino, Coraki, Evans Head, McLean, Grafton and Glenreagh. 

The sitting member is National Party member Chris Gulaptis who has said he will be retiring at this election. Mr Gulaptis is attributed with starting the ‘Koala Wars’ in 2020 when he threatened to cross the floor to vote against the proposed koala protection policy. 

The seat is considered a safe National Party seat and has been held by Mr Gulaptis since 2011 in a by-election. At the 2019 election the Nationals won with 46.5 per cent of the vote but saw a swing against them of 3.9 per cent and Labor who placed second with 21 per cent of the vote saw a swing against of 7.54 per cent while the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party gained 16.8 per cent ov the vote.

Mr Gulaptis has previously worked as a surveyor and has been councillor and Mayor of Maclean Shire Council before it was amalgamated, along with another four local councils, into the Clarence Valley Council on 24 February 2004. He then became a councillor for Clarence Valley Council.

Candidates for Clarence are:

Leon Ankersmit – Labor NSW

Brett Duooux – No affiliation

Dr Greg Clancy – Greens NSW

Goerge Keller – Sustainable Australia Party – Stop Overdevelopment / Corruption

Nicola Levi– Independent

Debrah Novak – Independent

Mark Raynor – Legalise Cannabis Party

Richard Williamson – National Party


So you want to be a councillor/politician?

This document was written without fear or favour, by The Echo editor Hans Lovejoy for the politically curious who are considering a tilt at public life, or those who are interested in the inner workings of local politics. My intention is to hopefully inform and engage aspiring political...

Nicola Levi supports a ban on mining in the Clarence

Independent Nicola Levi supports banning mining in The Clarance catchment and does not support a thermal waste incinerator at Casino. Find out her detailed...

Voting guide to preferencing in the NSW lower house

The NSW election, to be held on Saturday March 25, uses optional preferencing in both houses of parliament.

Election 2023 – Clarence: Nicki Levi

As a former teacher and Education and Training coordinator Independent Nicola Levi believes that Independent representation for the seat is essential to get the best outcomes for Clarence's constituents considering the corrupt history of the Liberal, National, and Labor parties in NSW. 

Dr Leon Ankersmit looks at mining, and thermal waste incinerators in the Clarence

Dr Leon Ankersmit has stated that he supports the position of no mining in the Clarence catchment but has stopped short of signing the Clarence Catchment Alliance pledge to 'ban mining in the Clarence catchment.

Election 2023 – Clarence: George Keller 

George Keller is running for the seat of Clarence on behalf of the Sustainable Australia Party sees corruption and vested interests having more impact on MP's decisions than the genuine interests of the community.

Debrah Novak on mining and waste incinerators in Clarence

Independent candidate for Clancence, Debrah Novak, tells The Echo what her position is on mining in the Clarance catchment and the proposed Casino thermal waste incinerator. 

Clarence candidate Dr Clancy talks mining and waste incinerators

As a founding member of the CCA Greens candidate Dr Greg Clancy does not support mining in the Clarence catchment. Here he shares his position on the Casino Waste incinerator and the action needed to address the climate emergency. 

Make it your preference to not waste your vote

NSW upper house voting guide for the pragmatic progressive. The local candidates get most of the attention in the leadup to an election, but the Legislative Council (NSW Parliament’s upper house) also warrants some scrutiny.

Election 2023 – Clarence: Dr Leon Ankersmit

Dr Leon Ankersmit is running for Labor in the seat of Clarence. After working for 30 years in the community services sector he says it is vital to provide affordable housing.

The Legalise Cannabis Party gets the donkey vote for Clarence

In the seat of Clarence, sitting member Chris Gulaptis, Nationals, of 'Koala Wars' fame, is retiring and the Legalise Cannabis Party tops the ballot paper.

Election 2023 – Clarence: Dr Greg Clancy

Dr Greg Clancy is a Master of Science, he's also a PhD and the deputy mayor of Clarence Valley Council. Cr Clancy is contesting the seat of Clarence for the Greens.

Election 2023 – Clarence: Richard Williams

Richard Williams, a broadcaster on Radio 2GF in Grafton, is running as the Nationals' candidate for the seat of Clarence.

No mining for the Clarence catchment?

The Clarence Catchment Alliance have made it clear that mining in the Clarence catchment does not have the support of the people.

Election 2023 – Clarence: Debrah Novak

Debrah Novak is a current councillor for the Clarence Valley Council and she has decided to run as an Independent for the seat of Clarence in the upcoming state elections.

Casino and Grafton out of reach for many renters

The pressure on renters remains high and has been having an increasing impact on rural and regional areas. 

Federal government called out over ‘$50,000’ mining gift at Mann and Clarence rivers

Why have Federal Labor 'gifted $50,000 to Corazon Mining to continue drilling operations at the junction of the Mann and Clarence Rivers’ is the question being asked by the Clarence Catchment Alliance.

Clarence Valley Council Deputy Mayor runs for NSW State election

Clarence Valley Council Deputy Mayor, Dr Greg Clancy, has announced that he will be running for The Greens in the upcoming NSW March elections this year for the seat of Clarence.

Byron biz digs in for BayFM

The Byron business community gathered at Fishheads for their new menu launch and a fundraiser for Bay FM last week, with $1,360 being raised for the independent radio station.

Only 7 per cent of sexual assaults reported in NSW result in guilty outcome

The latest study from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR), shows that only 7 per cent of sexual assaults reported to NSW Police end up in a guilty verdict in court.

Ballina adopts Corporate Emissions Reduction Plan

After an hour's debate, Ballina Shire Council voted to adopt its own Corporate Emissions Reduction Plan at its last meeting.

Households warned against smoke alarm complacency

Firefighters, NRL stars and other top athletes are urging households across the state to make sure they have working smoke alarms fitted in their homes, as Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) launches its annual Winter Fire Safety Campaign.