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Byron Shire
October 25, 2021

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#Bigbadbiomass rally at Condong sugar mill

Around 50 people gathered on Friday morning at the big fig tree near the Condong sugar mill to join the world-wide #Bigbadbiomass protest against the use of biomass to create energy and to emphasise that burning biomass is not ‘environmentally friendly’.

Other News

The Rebels and the Wraiths visit Nationals: ‘We are facing a planetary crisis’

As part of a fortnight of climate actions and protests with the Extinction Rebellion, over 30 activists visited MP Kevin Hogan’s office in Lismore yesterday pushing ghostly empty white prams.

Stranded local artist shares stories from India

Vrinda Gleeson prepared for her new exhibition in a small London bedsit where she is living until she can return to her Northern Rivers home.

Teacher vax

Dear teachers and community members. I have recently received an email from within my school community that asks me...

Tracking the hardening coast

Researchers are watching our shorelines get harder and simpler.

Staff cuts at Murwillumbah mega school

The NSW Teacher's Federations says that the proposed merger of four schools in Murwillumbah will result in the loss of at least 19 teaching positions.

Who can I trust?

COVID, WHO SHOULD I TRUST ?   I tend to trust people who care, who demonstrate they have no agenda, but to be...

September 29, 2021

Byron Shire Echo issue 36.16 – September 29, 2021

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In this Issue:

Byron CBD heights

Thanks to The Echo for reporting on page 2 last week, the vote 5/3 of Council to approve modification of a motel approval in Lawson Street.  The original approval allowed the building to exceed the area’s height limit, but it can now go...

Submarine blunder

Well chalk up another monumental policy failure by the rapidly decomposing Morrison government. This time the hollow man has managed to insult one of Australia’s longest serving allies, with his jingoistic nonsense. The brutal diplomatic snub with the sudden...



While sitting at my worktable here in beautiful Mullumbimby I could hear children, probably four or five year olds, playing and singing and I thought ‘Oh, you poor little buggers, growing up in this world’. What with horrendous climate...


Chose wisely

This pro-developer vote to approve the breach of building height limits in Byron Bay was by Labor and Michael Lyon. Please do not vote for either in December.  Lyon has voted pro-developer on the current Council and will not stand...



What a powerful acronym for a formidable alliance. But shouldn’t it be in order of primacy with the junior member last? USUKA. If we buy into this war-mongering against our major trading partner, that’s the USA’s message to us, ‘you...


When will we heal?

I’ve been reflecting lately, on when Australia pulled together during the bushfires of the Black Summer 2019–20. People listened to the experts, most didn’t look stuff up on the internet and profess to know more than the RFS. There...

Something to stand up for

Dr Helen Caldicott’s sage perspective on Australia’s nuclear-powered subs (22 September) was a searing reality check of how democracies can suffer from the insanity of the industrial-military, neo-liberal, white, patriarchal, theological, capitalist complex of ideologies, algorithms, and worldviews. As eminent...



Great letters from Robin Harrison, Hannah Grace and Gareth Smith on PM Scott Shyster’s war-mongering regime. He’s taken us across the event horizon into the terminal gravity of the Death Star. The awkward acronym clumsily disguises the hierarchy of...


CBD heights

The ongoing saga of the bullying push by developers to raise development heights in the CBD highlights that it ‘pays to be pushy’. This is how crony politics works. However, the law of consequences always reveals the genesis of...


Get on board!

Society works, so get on board. Stop the bullshit, here are the real facts. Society works – there are only two police on duty in Mullum, Bruns and Ocean Shores at any one time. We don’t need the police on...


Efficacy of AZ vaccine

In his letter (22 September) Bill Ashford states incorrectly that the AstraZeneca vaccine has an effectiveness of only 64 per cent. In a real life study in England of 156,930 adults aged 70 and over published recently in the...


Raising of CBD height approval

I was dismayed to read that councillors have again approved what must be another fateful decision on the future of this town as a congenial place to live. It seems to me that you either have rules and regulations, or...

Poor Mandy

What happened to Mandy Nolans’ column? It used to be outrageously funny and I’d be rolling on the floor laughing. Now (when I don’t flick past it) it’s just bad puns full of scorn.    She’s either taking the piss...


Get me out of here

Who’s been naughty? Who caused Byron Shire to go into lockdown? We hear about the naughty film crew member who visited non-essential venues on her visit to Byron Bay. She didn’t comply with her permit conditions. Yes, naughty. What permit?...


Lindy’s latest sculpture goes national

Coorabell artist Lindy Lee is about to create a huge sculpture for the National Gallery of Australia. The piece, Ouroboros, is her first immersive public sculpture.


Govt polarises community over mandatory vax

A local teacher, who cannot be named owing to onerous laws that prevent NSW government workers from speaking publicly, has raised their concerns over the looming November 8 deadline by the NSW government requiring all education and care workers to be vaccinated.


Developer pleads for fee reduction in Byron Shire

Locals could be forgiven for scoffing at the idea of a cashed-up property developer asking for fee relief from Byron Council to help boost his profit margin.


Editorial: Convictions make you convict

On Monday, cartoonist Michael Leunig became the latest victim of cancel culture.


Fugitive caught after OS crash

An accident on the Orana Rd roundabout at Ocean Shores last Friday quickly turned into a manhunt after a fugitive crashed a stolen car into another.


Correcting Dr Tim Devine

Dr Tim Devine makes several impassioned statements in his letter (September 8) about COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccinating children. I am certain that his arguments are well intended and heartfelt. But they contain substantial inaccuracies. He is writing with the...

Auntie Dulcie

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Local Elder, Auntie Dulcie Nicholls, (nee Kay). As Deputy Mayor of Byron Shire Council and Chair of the Arakwal MoU Committee, I’d like to extend my deepest sympathies to her...

Forest for the trees

I’ve heard a lot of criticism (even hostility) over the years from people disdainful of ‘the mainstream’ and, in particular, mainstream medicine. People who routinely complain about ‘the system’ in general, or any public service. Yet I wonder how such...


Citizen frogs

Living in a biodiversity hotspot brings with it great joy for humans with opportunities to experience connection with nature.  I love frogs, they are beautiful creatures, and living with green tree frogs in our environment is a delight. So hearing...


A COVID summer: Limited vaccines and unhurried leadership leave Byron exposed

Lack of vaccines is responsible for low vaccination rate, not vaccine hesitancy. The impending lifting of the Sydney lockdown threatens people's health in the Northern Rivers and may lead to the region’s hospital capacity being overrun.


Teacher shortage sparks campaign

Overseas and interstate STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) teachers will be the target of a new campaign to boost teacher numbers in NSW public schools.


Can businesses ask for your vax status?

Currently, throughout the business community, we are witnessing uncertainty with respect to business owners asking the question – should we ask customers about their...

Tracking the hardening coast

Researchers are watching our shorelines get harder and simpler.

Recycling polystyrene just got easier at Lismore’s Recycling & Recovery Centre

The Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre has a new machine that can recycle polystyrene which will help the facility increase the capacity to deal with this earth-wrecking synthetic-aromatic-hydrocarbon-polymer.

4WDs multiplying on Seven Mile Beach?

Beach users in Lennox Head are reporting much higher numbers of 4WDs on Seven Mile Beach recently, along with an increase in hooning behaviour. Since...