Don’t send the children back

Following this week’s High Court decision on offshore detention on Nauru, the Greens have called on the prime minister to rule out sending children and their families back there. Sending children to Nauru would be child abuse and Malcolm Turnbull needs to decide whether he is willing to authorise that. The evidence is clear and it’s undeniable that Nauru is unsafe for women and children. This is a major test for the prime minister. Will he keep these children safe, where they can thrive and prosper, or will he dump them back on the prison island of Nauru?

I was so disappointed this week when the Labor and Liberal-National parties voted down a Greens motion calling on the Turnbull government to grant amnesty to these 267 vulnerable people, including 37 babies, so they don’t have to be sent to Nauru and Manus Island. The snap-rallies held around the country this week demonstrate Australians do not think this is fair or reasonable.

Dawn Walker, Greens candidate for Richmond


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  1. Len Heggarty says:

    I live near a school and every day there is a traffic jam on the road and the road comes to a near stop. Someone must be yelling out “Stop the boats.” and the mothers of Australia take their precious cargo their beautiful fair-haired intelligent child to school in their huge big four-wheel drive gas guzzling monster, and they take their child right to the door of the school so no big bad wolf will come and gobble up their child. That is because those children are their children and there are wolves everywhere ready to grab and rape and murder a child here in Australia. That is today and there is no thought of Nauru.
    When I went to school as a child I walked two miles and we had rock fights on the way, and when I was older I rode my bike and I got hit by a car, but that was then when a child was taught independence. God I am so glad I was born then and not brought like up today’s spoiled brats and silly kids in Australia.
    Some of us brought up as independent thinkers think of the kids in Nauru and what they have to go through.

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