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Thus Spake Mungo: the faction

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Joel Fitzgibbon’s resignation from the front bench does not change the policy of the Labor Party, nor its leadership. But it does change the mechanics.

The member for Hunter can no longer be seen just as a rebel, a maverick baying at the fringe of an executive overwhelmingly committed to putting climate change as one of its top priorities.

From his position on the backbench he will be acknowledged as a warlord – a minor one, perhaps, but chief of a formal alliance which will coalesce around discontent over what the critics see as Anthony Albanese’s surrender to the inner-city progressives.

And his resignation will force other front benchers to either put up or shut up – to declare their advocacy for the majority decision for a swift transition out of fossil fuels, with the aim of zero emissions by 2050, or to seriously consider joining Fitzgibbon on the backbench.

It is not clear how many of them there are, but reports vary from four to nine, a reasonably solid core. Some are among the regular diners at the swanky Otis restaurant in Canberra who have been meeting for several months to air their gripes over what they see as the Labor leadership’s move towards the left, away from its working-class base.

In the past they have been tolerated as a harmless supper club, just part of the normal political discourse where like-minded members mull over the loss of the last election and what needs to be done about it. They have been a distraction, but in no sense a threat.

Now they must be recognised as a faction, the party’s right wing seeking to reclaim its former dominance over an era in which the left has held effective power over policy

But now they must be recognised as a faction, the party’s right wing seeking to reclaim its former dominance over an era in which the left has held effective power over policy, if not always personnel.

And unlike many of the factional divisions occurring in the past few decades, this one will not be about personal loyalties alone – although there will be elements of that – but about ideology. Within the parliamentary party the names left and right will actually mean something in a way they have not really since the ALP clawed its way out of the great split of the 1950s.

The labels lost their coherence around the time Arthur Calwell and Gough Whitlam faced off some 50 years ago. By any normal measure, Calwell was a conservative. But he was a Victorian, and his home power base was the hardline political machine run by the Melbourne Trades Hall. Thus he was branded forever as a creature of the left.

Whitlam, by contrast, was inherently progressive, but his New South Wales support came overwhelmingly from the right.

Within the caucus, the simplistic trademarks stuck, and endured over the years as their successive mentors took control of factions that had little, if anything, to do with policy

So within the caucus, the simplistic trademarks stuck, and endured over the years as their successive mentors took control of factions that had little, if anything, to do with policy, but were all about control of the numbers needed to secure patronage and promotion for loyal followers.

This lack of serious ideology untrammelled the warlords and their troops from any bonds of conviction or principle – it was all about winning, whatever it took. It gave rise to comparisons with the mafia – the capo di capi of the right, Graham Richardson, was anointed as the archetypal godfather; a feared despot not to be crossed for pain of losing preselection or possibly sensitive body parts.

Fitzgibbon will never inspire such terror; he is genuinely dedicated to ideas, to dragging the Labor party room to what he sees as the mainstream, to a position from which Labor can win the next election

Fitzgibbon will never inspire such terror; he is genuinely dedicated to ideas, to dragging the Labor party room to what he sees as the mainstream, to a position from which Labor can win the next election. His ambition may be wrong-headed, but it is not megalomaniacal.

However, it may easily turn out to be destructive. Coal may be king in his electorate of Hunter, and in parts of regional Queensland, but it is undeniably on the way out just about everywhere else in Australia, and indeed the rest of the beleaguered planet.

Mines are closing, orders curtailed or cancelled altogether. There is no argument that the future is in renewables

Virtually every day brings a new report of plants, corporations, whole nations, moving to divest themselves from what are rapidly becoming stranded assets. Mines are closing, orders curtailed or cancelled altogether. There is no argument that the future is in renewables. The only question is how urgent the switch must be.

Naturally Morrison tried to exploit Labor’s division. Fitzgibbon had been driven out by ideological zealots, he exulted. Presumably he was referring to Mark Butler and Mark Dreyfus, Fitzgibbon’s most voluble critics.

Dreyfus dismissed Fitzgibbon’s complaints; after a major setback in the last election, the member for his coal-mining constituency was just concerned with being re-elected, he said. Well, probably. That is, after all, his day job.

But in fact Butler and Dreyfus are much more in tune with popular sentiment than Fitzgibbon and Morrison’s recalcitrant government. Polls have shown regularly, and decisively, that Australians are worried about climate change and just want the politicians to get on with fixing it.

However Fitzgibbon and his troops are now openly campaigning to have Butler dumped as Albanese’s environment spokesman. Whether they succeed will be the first real test of the clout the right faction can muster.

Meanwhile in the world beyond the bubble, signs of progress continue

Meanwhile in the world beyond the bubble, signs of progress continue. New South Wales, led by its energetic Environment Minister Matt Kean, has announced a bold plan to invest $32 billion in infrastructure to supercharge renewables and drive down prices – oh, and provide a lot of jobs for hard-working Australians. This is a real road map, with a real target: four coal power stations to be phased out and replaced with pumped hydro over the next 15 years. Kean is rapidly emerging as the hope of the nation, easily overshadowing the risible federal minister Angus Taylor – or Morrison, for that matter.

And across the Pacific, president elect Joe Biden prepares to bring America back into the global consensus for urgent action, most importantly the target for zero emissions by 2050. This will not be a clincher; there will be holdouts and fringe dwellers, but they will be seen as still more irrelevant as the rest of the international community ignores their denialism.

And of course, our boy ScoMo will be proudly at the head of the resistance, foghorning that the little Aussie battler will not be pushed around by a bunch of foreigners – just as soon as he rises from his knees after completing his ritual obeisance to Washington.

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  1. The problem for ‘Joel Coal’ and his rump faction the ALP and Sco “This is Coal”;”Gas chose itself” NO is that they refuse the tell the truth to the punters. Like our friend Mungo writes, Fossil Fuel is on the way out ( The Climate Emergency is driving that ) but the likes of Joel Coal and ScoNO will not publicly acknowledge that fact. Instead they promote the fantasy that fossil fuel industry jobs will be around for decades to come. With the truth telling that Fossil Fuel Industry jobs are on the wane, comes the assistance packages for affected workers and communities a part of which are jobs and opportunities with the growing Green Economy.

  2. Hi

    But not before job security and a decent wage. If I was struggling to pay household bills I would not be too fussed about climate change. The payment of bills comes first then I can worry about climate change.

    Alan Veacock

    • Alan, the reality is that climate change is impacting us already. Has everyone forgotten the recent national Bushfire Catastrophe? The NSW Bushfire Inquiry and The Federal Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster arrangements have both mentioned climate change. The people who lost loved ones, lost their homes ( some of whom are still living in tents and caravans ) and all the destroyed fauna an flora are testament that everyone should be making a Big Fuss about climate change. Industries and job types change all the time, it is beholden upon Governments to tell the truth and plan the assistance packages for affected workers and communities.

      • Joachim you are so obsessed with this Climate change nonsense , it has consumed you !
        All the future predictions are based on computer modeling. Tooth fairy tales Joachim..
        You really need to sit down with a nice pot
        Of Earl grey tea, chill out !! Book in hand
        On the Planet’s weather events as far back
        As 4.5 billion years ago. Read with a open
        Impartial mind . And if possible travel to the NT
        Or the Pilbra in WA and chat to some first people’s
        Especially the elders . The custodians of the lands
        Who incidentally have been roaming the lands
        For as suggested recently by some archeological
        Findings for about 120.000 years !! You now the eco warriors/ ultimate environmentalists . Who have been back burning for how long ? And ask them Joachim about Climate change?
        Most of them would not even know the meaning
        Of the word ..well nor do i really !! They are the
        History source you go to for past and future
        Weather predictions.. not some indoctrinated
        Scientist with agendas !! Good luck Joachim .

        • Unfortunately Climate Change does have a meaning, and horrendous repercussions already, but this is just a foretaste of the looming catechism. Although computer modelling does forecast Byron Bay will be submerged 200 ft below the ocean waves shortly, I would rather put my trust in that, than rely on a stone age remnant group who quote “Most of them would not even know the meaning Of the word ..well nor do i really !! They are the History source you go to for past and future Weather predictions.”
          Is that your own petard you’ve been hoisted on ? G”)

          • Okay ken ! Its seems as though you to are are so
            Convinced & consumed by Climate Change .
            Its certainly real Ken ? one question !
            Ken you will be the first to answer this
            Because knowone seems to know including
            the byron shire Council ! give ONE example
            Of the councils climate emergency declaration ?
            no deflection ken this should be very simple
            For you to answer ? Joachim was not even
            Capable of answering ken and she thinks the
            World is going to end tomorrow !! So here is your
            Chance ken you have the floor ! The microphone
            Is yours ! Please enlighten the forum and we will
            See if your beliefs are fact or fiction .. ?

          • I must thank you for your kind permission to speak on behalf of logic and reason Barrow.
            Yes I am completely convinced of the validity of climate change, as are the international groups endeavouring to provide an international response to the rising sea-levels, already claiming low-lying Pacific islands, the disappearance and dramatically increased melt rate of glaciers and Arctic and Antarctic ice shelfs. The increasing violence of weather systems world-wide, coupled with the deadly fire storms occurring around the globe, have all served to convince any with an open mind that the 1.5 degrees of warming already measured is not an illusion. The question of “the councils climate emergency declaration ?” is a bit confusing. Do you mean that you expect the Byron Council to have a valid response , when they struggle to manage ‘roads, rates and rubbish’ ? No, I think they are as incapable of grasping the problem as the Liberal/Nat mob who think it appropriate to fund more coal-mines , increase gas production in an effort to squeeze a few more dollars out of this totally inappropriate and lethal petrochemical industry that has already thrust Australia into the lead as the greatest per capita polluters of the planet.
            I don’t expect any of this to sway your prejudice, after all there are still folks out there that think Trump honest and speaks for the little people.
            Cheers, G”)

    • @Alan Veacock, it is very difficult for many to grasp what the Climate Emergency really means. By the year 2100, it is likely that we will see an average global temperature rise of around 3 degrees unless very strong and immediate mitigation efforts are undertaken. It is often forgotten that the global temperature will continue to increase for centuries beyond 2100 as carbon dioxide is very long lived in the atmosphere.

      A rise of 3 degrees may not sound like much, but during the last Ice Age 20,000 years ago, the average global temperature was “only” 6 degrees lower than today (https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/08/200826141405.htm). At that time, massive glaciers covered half of both North and South America and Europe, as well as much of Asia, and sea levels were much lower. To see what warming side of the coin looks like, we can go back 3 million years to the mid-Pliocene era where temperatures were 2-4 degrees higher than the modern preindustrial temperature. Sea levels in the mid-Pliocene were also up to 25 metres higher than at present. Currently, sea levels are expected to rise sharply by 2100 and to continue to rise for many centuries (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_level_rise).

      Of course, global warming will have many catastrophic effects on humans and on nature beyond sea level rises. For a discussion see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effects_of_climate_change

      The time has come for all of us to lift our gaze beyond what appears good for us right here and now, and to look at the bigger picture so clearly laid out by the detailed studies of thousands of scientists over many decades. Fortunately, the evidence also shows that converting our global economies to carbon neutrality will create a host of new, higher-paying jobs in the green industries of the future.

      Many of the world’s advanced economies, the largest polluters, have already pledged carbon neutrality by 2050 (or thereabouts). These include the 27 countries of the European Union, Japan, China (2060), South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Iceland and Chile. If Australia refuses to follow suit, we will become a global pariah and will face de facto penalties in trade deals and international relations in general as the global warming situation deteriorates.

      • Hugh Mate !! Australia carbon emissions 1.3 percent. China 39% and china carbon free by
        2060 if you believe this you to believe in the tooth
        Fair !! Why so much emphasis on Australia
        Why ? Look you go to any reputable scientists
        And all will concur because its a fact not fictional
        That if Australia stopped right now as a nation
        To a complete stand still !! It would still make not one
        Single bit of difference to Global Warming.
        The very notion that ! What if ! What if !!
        Give me one example where a reputable
        Scientist has made a Global Warming prediction
        In the past fifty years that has come to be ?
        And please don’t include Tim Flannery. My 5 year old Nephew would predict better ..

        • Barrow old son, no need for you to piss around about predictions, just face the facts and pay attention to these gems which are just recently in Australia: Bushfire Catastrophe, predicted and delivered, with more to come in future as outlined by The NSW Bushfire Enquiry and The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangement;The Bureau of Meteorology’s latest State of the Climate Report, we can choose the climate that we want; Newcastle last Monday night, hit by a UNPRECEDENTED in severity springtime superstorm causing mass damages, wind gusts to 146kph which is equivalent to a Category 2 Cyclone; Clarkes Beach here at hometown Byron Bay…gone under the briny and not coming back. But of course this is all “Climate Hysteria Nonsense” to quote our famous Barrow,. It all just a conspiracy, hoax, fakenews and fantasy. Right on, Barrow my man!

          • Joachim have been in the shire for 43 years
            And in this time have seen exactly Whats happened on clarks and north on several occasions.. ask the true locals Joachim ? As for your bushfires
            And storms in Newcastle unprecedented ?
            NO they are not , but according to you they are ..
            Right through this century and last. fires , floods ,
            And storms have hit this country of flooding rains and devastating droughts ! We are the most dry
            Continent on earth .. anyway enough .. 0.6 degrees warmer than the present day Temperatures no
            Big deal

          • Hi Hugh

            At nowhere in my post did I indicate that I did not believe in Climate Change. I do. The point I make is there does not seem to be a coherent transition plan for workers who may be displaced by the changes involved in the transition together with many other workers who are already struggling to pay bills. The many thousands of casuals and others who are underemployed.
            It is all well and said to state the obvious that we are in trouble through global warming. It is entirely another matter to suggest policies to allow economies to adjust to the changes that will occur. A really big help would be, instead of generalities,.to clearly identify exactly where these well paid jobs will be found, what skills will be needed to successfully apply, how much they may pay and who might be the employers?

            Alan Veacock LLB, Grad Dip. in Legal Practice

  3. Polls Mungo ? Oh you mean the one’s that had labor in a Unloseable position at the last election
    Aptly lead by Jonathan Green . Dreyfus & Butler
    And Burke & Kennelly are more in tune with popular
    Sentiment ? According to who ? That could not be further from the truth the left side of the labor party are so left leaning they should just leave
    And join the Greens and spare the labor party more
    Time on the sidelines.. as for Biden since when
    Has he ever supported the new green deal in the States ? Biden openly admitted during the debate .

    • Barrow, that ‘unloseable election’, we all paying the price as we are haunted by ongoing corruption, fraud and scandal all overseen by your man ScamMOfromMarketings. We’ve had the Sports Rorts $100millions corruption; we’ve had The Badgery’s Creek Triangle $27millions scandal and now we right in the middle of RoboRobberyDebt $1.2BILLIONS fraudery. You really have to wonder how your man Lord ScamMO blows his gasket in parliament over the supposedly wasted spending on 4 x watches worth $20,000.00 watches and calls for Christine Holgate’s sacking but Lord ScamMO stays glued to his job when many more times of wasted spending has been overseen by Lord ScamMO. RoboRobberyDebt was Lord ScamMO’s lovechild, I waiting for him to enter into a repayment scheme for him to personally repay that $112millions interest compensation component of the Class Action Settlement. I’d like to know how Lord ScamMO intends to “put right” the anxiety, suffering, trauma, self harm and suicides that were all inflicted upon innnocent Australians. That ‘unloseable election’, we have lost out.

  4. As alway, a very insightful article. A point that interests me in particular is that of the growing numbers in Australia who wanting climate change action in the context of how both sides of politics win, or lose that audience that want climate change action. That is indeed a very good thing and in the end, even the rather boof-headed President Morrison would have to succumb, but it seems to me that there are many, many amongst those who clamour for climate change action who are also driving the streets in 2.5 tonne monster vehicles (not cars), that are mostly driven in urban environments and more often than with only one occupant. Recent studies indicate that the rise in global emissions over the last decade as a result of the burgeoning numbers of SUV’s and dual cabs (now more than 200 million globally and 40% to 50% of new cars are SUV’s or dual cabs) outsrips EVERY other cause of increases in emissions. And before anyone says well that’s true for all vehicles, in fact the studies I read indicated that emissions from the non-SUV global fleet have actually reduced slightly over that 10-year period and to “drive” this point home further, the increase in SUV emissions outstripped the increase in emissions from the heavy-haulage fleet as well. So, what’s my point? Well, President Morrison won the 2019 election by appealing to individual selfishness and promulgating abject terror that Labor was only going to “tax, tax, tax” and then “spend, spend, spend”. The sad reality is that many who want climate change action and who drive SUV’s or dual-cabs are saying a couple of things. One is that any changes on climate change are done by government, not by them and even worse, they simply refuse to accept the role they are personally playing in increasing global emissions – what they say is not what they do and any attempts to force them to change their behaviours will lead to a frenzy of confected outrage. Imagine if Gladys or Dan said they were going to tax SIV’s and dual cabs as light vehicles and double registration fees. That schism means that many who say they want climate action remain ripe for exploitation by a liar who can convince them Labor is “going to take their utes away”. Morrison is already taking the cost ground – he won’t act until he can tell people “how much it costs” – so if Labor does announce a climate policy he will instantly resort to his puerile shrieking about how much Labor’s policies will “cost” and the “jobs that will be lost”, when of course he has zero figures of his own to cite.

  5. Isn’t ideology a great thing, the Greens and Labor did a deal and introduced a carbon tax over a decade ago, that went well didn’t it. In the three elections since, the Greens and Labor both had strong climate change policy’s, that also went well didn’t it. Thermal coal especially is nearing the end of it’s life, but try telling whole regional communities that depend on coal that they have to find other jobs, that may not even exist especially in a world struggling to recover from COVID19. People can slag of at Joel Fitzgibbon if they want, but all he is really doing is pointing out the bloody obvious, unless we can offer these mining communities something positive regarding their future, they will grasp at every straw Morrison and the bullshit machine hands out. Even without this Govt’s appalling handling of climate change policy, there is more than enough grounds to remove them just for being a corrupt, incompetent Govt., every extra three years we give them the harder they become to remove.

  6. Mungo talks about Labor winning the next election. Making Jim Chalmers leader could save a lot of furniture and he is a Queenslander (!) but winning is outa the question in the fog of the virus. Leaders (not Trump) lean on it to win elections! Albo is a good bloke but is from the old guard of backstabbers-Rudd, Gillard, Burke, Shorten and Co. Albo has too much blood on his hands, overweight, a deathly grey in an even greyer suit. Labor needs to strike forth with the new breed of Jim Chalmers, Mark Dreyfus, Jason Clare and others. Smart, articulate on their feet with Ph.D’s and ‘attack dog breed ready’. Labor must take a page out of Abbott’s book and go for the jugular EVERY DAY. On corruption alone, Labor would be in with a good chance. The next election MUST be about Corruption. Remember what Lord Downer said when he was asked how to beat Labor…“To win the election, the Liberals will have to run a fierce negative campaign against their opponents”. Alexander Downer, August 19th, 2018 The Australian Financial Review. Sad to say, Labor has to get down in the gutter with the Liberals to win an election. The tally since 1993 for Labor is a devastating seven losses out of nine Federal elections. By the time of the next election in 2022, Labor will have been in Opposition for 23 of the last 29 years. Out of 30 seats in Qld, Labor has only 6. Hail Jim Chalmers for leader to win a few more. In regional Victoria only 2 out of 20 seats are Labor’s! No party can go into any future election giving the other side such a huge start before counting even starts!
    I see Scumo is already trying to bask in the success of Biden’s win by quickly inviting him to Oz. No doubt about The Marketer eh? When Howard did this, Pres Clinton would not agree to Howard’s guest list of rabid right wingers and IPA members. He virtually wrote his own guest list. Labor’s refusal to exploit its success in managing the 2009 GFC and embed its economic credentials
    when Australia was one of only 3 developed countries to avoid recession during the campaign was inexcusable. The Liberals had raped the economy which totally destroyed their daily mantra that ‘Labor cannot manage money’. I rate this as Labor’s most devastating and self-destroying tactical error of the last election. Labor has lost that threat. Scumo has made debt fashionable now.

  7. I agree, Ray. Corruption it is – in spades! NSW pays 53.5 million for its
    toxic land sale grab. Bubble-gum politics everywhere & dirty-deeded.
    Scumo loves his debt now – so high he can lie & hide behind it.

  8. Ray corruption in the Conservative party ?
    Mate unless you have been living in another
    Country ? Or just plain Bias , which is the case .
    Labor are as corrupt as any party .. brown paper
    Bags full of cash comes to mind .. also how many
    Times must one be reminded yes labor avoided
    a disaster for the Australian people during the
    GFC thanks to the surplus left for them by the
    Previous government . And you are certainly
    Correct about Chalmers he must be leader
    Of the labor party , i said this on this forum
    Before the last election. He is middle gound
    Not some green left Progressives as Butler and
    Dreyfus and even Albo are .. look phasing
    Out fossil fuels in the long run has merit no doubt .
    Only if replaced by a alternative that will not send
    This country into darkness and poverty.
    And the way the Progressives carry on regarding
    This Climate change nonsense, anyone would think
    Australia is about to disappear into relm light years away.. !! The propaganda machine is out of control
    The BOM last week on national radio, the Earth
    Have warmed 1.5 degrees ? That is a Lie !!
    Since records began temperatures have fluctuated By by less than one degree irrefutable.. what is wrong with these people !! Seriously. We are not a Major polluter..

    • Wow Barrow ! I see you’ve been consulting the ‘dream time’ again,The science has proven warming to at least exceeded 1.5 degrees already and several tipping points have been crossed and feed-back loops are in operation that will see accelerating and unstoppable climate change. The Liberal Party exactly equals corruption! Their pursuit of lower wages and now the recommencement of the Kanaka importations with Visa holders forced to work, whatever the conditions, in jobs that the employers refuse to pay market rate wages for Australians. The mantra of lower taxes, no regulation and certainly no regard for the nature that sustains life on Earth, coupled with grants for multi-national companies to come here destroy our country and steal our resources, which are all standard Liberal policy, could not be more obviously EVIL, could they ?

      • The Kanakas coming back? I thought slavery was ended? Who is responsible for this modern day slavery? Surely the UN Human Rights Commission will be onto this caper?

  9. I lean back in the chair and take a big think in resignation. The man from the Hunter, the hunting politician of the ALP, the ‘gunna’, the man who is after the top chair, well, it is somthing to think about, in that Joel Fitzgibbon’s resignation from the front bench does not change the policy or the chairmanship of the Labor Party. What it does do, it changes the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. Play the music maestro.

    • Yes I agree Alice, the deck-chairs are changing, but I as any long-term supporter of Labor Ideals i.e. a fair share of the wealth of this country, for those whose labours provide for the lifestyles of the Liberal voters and shonky multi-nationals, foreign investors and the British Crown. But THAT Labor Party died, with democracy,
      when Gough took to heart “discretion is the better part of valour” and abdicated and lived to tell the tale.
      The momentary lapse with the Gillard/Rudd contested government saw a return to rational pollicy and great good for the community but it took no time for the forces of evil to undo most of that good work.
      The fact now remains that ‘labor’ now has more in common with that traitor, Churchill than the Liberals, who now style themselves on Thatcher and Trump.
      Eat drink and be merry,………… G”)

  10. Yes Alice, we are dancing on the deck of the Titanic. And ‘fares the land’ knows
    a thing or several whereas MoanSco has no [as usual] figures to cite… you can’t
    take the non-man out of the boy. Barrow – we ARE MAJOR POLLUTERS since
    we are the world’s largest suppliers no doubt about that. Cat & mouse games are
    trite & dangerous. We are in need of Fossil Fuels as soon as possible & a work
    force to work for their own betterment as well as the country.

  11. Barrow…the pizzling surplus The Looters left to fight the GFC after squandering $334bllion in 3 years would not finance an Indian sari sari store.Countries with much larger surpluses than this still went into recesson. Labor has supported the Looters stimulus 9 times bigger than Labors but what did your lot do when Rudd saved the country? Squealed and hammered like stuck pigs.As Looter debt approaches $1 Trillion the IPA, Murdoch, The Looters are all smiles and never talk about ‘our grandchildren will inherit blah blah blah’ anymore. What a mob of hypocrites.

  12. Hi Keith Duncan, you point the nut of the problem of which Joel Coal Fitzgibbon and The ALP are part of the problem in that they not telling the full story. The dominance of Fossil Fuels is fast ending, that is the reality. Joel Coal and the rest of Fossil Fuel Industry boosters are being deceitful in promising a glorious continuation for decades of Fossil Fuel related activities. The story needs to be also advanced about Government support for workers and communities in areas dependent upon Fossil Fuel Industry related activities – assistance , transition packages into new jobs especially in burgeoning Green Economy.

  13. The Vice President Kalama Harris stood on policies like The Green New
    Deal. President Biden believes in 100% clean energy / is rallying the
    world on Climate Change threat / his website reveals ‘the green new deal
    is a crucial framework for meeting the Climate Changes we face.’ ScoMo
    will attempt to agree but there’s no way he will fool the Vice President
    since she’s seen it all in her Court Rooms.

  14. Hi Ken ! I asked you one question ! And you stepped around it like a ballerina.. as previously stated byron shire Council and many others declared a Climate emergency without taxpayer’s input
    Unbelievable.. now as you and Joachim and others
    Have stated we are in emergency phase regarding Global warming.. and you could not provide a response to the shires declaration.. after all of your
    Alarmism.. should i expect anything different ?
    Well some proof would be good ..

    • The proof Barrow old son, is all around. Just because you say events are not unprecedented doesn’t change the facts that events ARE unprecedented. The Newcastle storm last Monday night was UNPRECEDENTED, it not me that initially stated that fact, it the Weather Bureau saying it by, wait for this Barrow…checking The Records! The Bushfire Catastrophe of 2019-2020 was UNPRECEDENTED, it not me that initially stated that fact, it The NSW Bushfire Enquiry and The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements saying it by, wait for this Barrow…checking The Records! So you see Barrow old son, you can Dreamtime all you like saying that black is white but it doesn’t change the facts and reality. please feel free to contact the Weather Bureau, The NSW Bushfire Enquiry and The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements and alert them to their errors in describing recent disasters as unprecedented when you facts and evidence that the recent disasters are not unprecedented. And do us all the pleasure of coming back to tell us about your success.

  15. Barrow, even ScoMo admits to Climate Change & how he’s going to deal with it. Nothin’ wrong
    with a ballerina… next thing you’ll say is “there’s no such thing as gravity. Heel’s bells. Wake up.”

  16. Add on – last night over an evening meal ScoMo attested how he would deal with
    his agreement on Climate Change. Small stuff but change is change. The carry-
    over credit loophole – as seen as contention by our allies – is now ‘in line with the
    rest of the agreement’. About bloody time. No more cheating the numbers. Call
    out; finally admits the old calling didn’t work.

    • Hi again Stefanie. ScamMO and his Kyoto ‘credits’ accounting tricks backsliding. The whole thing is another marketing masterclass by ScamMOfromMarketings, our home grown Marketeer-in-Chief. For ages he and the Coagulation Federal Govt. been banging on about Australia meeting and beating our Paris target with his Kyoto ‘credits’ in his back pocket as the Hail Mary pass to get him across the Paris target line. But that idea is now being smoothed back as Team ScamMO are realising that there is no provision in The Paris Accords to use ‘credits’ to get a country over the emissions target line. So, no way can ScamMO roll up to COP26 and say look at my Kyoto ‘credits’, we / Australia creamed The Paris target! Now the message is being massaged by The Marketeer-in-Chief , that we / Australia are doing so fantastico on emissions reductions that…who needs Kyoto ‘credits’!


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