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2021 – the year to reject tyrants

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Hans Lovejoy, editor

It’s nearly 2021! With a sigh, let’s all acknowledge the year’s trauma so we can move on, right? In the move towards a seismic awakening in 2021 – as well as building resilience for the year ahead – tinpot tyrants and their foot soldiers are on notice.

We see you. They occupy all institutions, all levels of government and media, and now is the time to excrete them from the bowls of our body politic. 

Democracy, transparency and trust eroded in 2020 like no other time in recent history. Dishonesty and corrupt behaviour is rewarded by sociopathic grifters who bullied their way to the top. Under the cloak of a virus, massive wealth and power is being transferred to all the wrong people.

Will this continue unchallenged?

Climate change, biodiversity loss and the widening wealth divide are just symptoms of the disease: awfully applied authority. Authority has been in existence since, well, forever.

The challenge is to increase/develop critical thinking skills, and surpass the corporate technologies that fool and manipulate us.

Back in 1990, US philosopher and psychonaut Terrence McKenna explained how to claim the dignity of an individual.

His speech is entitled Trust Yourself and Reject Authority.

‘It’s a wonderful thing to learn to be able to stand up and yell “bullshit”!’ He said, while dismissing political leaders and self-proclaimed gurus as having any answers.

‘The fact of the matter is that nobody knows what’s going on’, he said. ‘Nobody has the smallest idea. The best guesses are lies. And so to pretend that one human being will lead another out of the dark night of ignorance and into the shining light of truth is ludicrous… If you want a teacher, try a waterfall, a mushroom, or a mountain wilderness, or a forest, or a seashore… This is where the action is’.

‘Institutions seek to maximise control, control, control! Institutions are not in a business of enlightening you nor saving your soul… And to the degree that we commit ourselves to ideology, we are poisoned. Any ideology. Marxism, Catholicism, Objectivism, you name it – rubbish. All rubbish. What is real is experience. What is real is this moment’.

He said, ‘A much better idea would be to insist on the dignity of all human beings. To recognise the freeing of slaves, the giving of the vote to women, the ending of public whipping… this program of political enlightenment must also then include “hands-off” on how people want to change their minds. We are not interested in being sexually regulated by the state and we are not interested in being intellectually, spiritually and emotionally manipulated by the state. The state should stand down in this issue’. 

Wishing all a happy and safe 2021. 

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  1. The power & realism’s in the blood by by-stepping the looters in control mode that’s
    25 hours each day. They are easy enough to spot even if we can’t fully understand
    their end-game that’s become internationally acceptable. There are ‘states within
    states’ & pay-offs undercover along with Rulers who rule just for the sake of it. Yes,
    strange times & manipulation is well upon all who refuse to be bullied & lied to.
    We’ve got a ‘high noon’ situation on the doorstop. Recognize & deal with it. Don’t
    vote mongrels into any form of office.

  2. Ivor Cummins has reviewed some interesting Govt Data.
    A true investigative reporter might be prompted to look into the Australian Data

    Not withstanding, ask a few questions, like:

    Has the SARS-CoV-2 been isolated
    How many Australian laboritories are conducting the PT -PCR Tests. List them
    How many cycles does each laboratory use in they’re testing regime
    How many are false negatives and false positives as a percentage of overall tests.
    How many people who test positive are actually ill from SARS-CoV-2
    Of those, how many are admitted to hospital.
    Of those how many die.
    Upon death are autopsies conducted to determine the cause of death is attributed to SARS-CoV-2

    Where is the data to support Asymptomatic transmission ?
    Report on bacterial lung infections by state 2019 and 2020
    Where is the data to support that masks stop the spread of Nono sized particles?
    What happens to the DNA data from those tested. Who owns it and what will it be used for, ongoing.
    How accurate or effective is genomic testing.
    How many people have been admitted to hospital during 2020 as a result of complications arising from the seasonal Flu.
    How many people died during 2020 as a result of the season flu
    What was the overall death rate during 2019 and 2020 excluding motor vehicle deaths, murder and suicides?
    How many people committed sucide in 2019 v 2020
    How many businises closed thier doors permantly in 2019 and 2020
    Publish a list the contents of all vaccines which will be available in Australia
    Publish a list of warnings associated with each to be available vacacine. This will be supplied with the vaccine,
    Will those taking the vaccine have a choice of which one / brand they wish to be injected with.
    Why has our Government provied emdemnity to the vaccine manufactures. Please explain!
    Has there ever been any data produced on the interaction of variouse brands or types of vaccine which a person may be injected with over time.
    Has there ever been any data produced relating to adverse health outcomes post vacination.
    Will those taking the vaccine have a cast iron guarantee that their naturall immune system will not ever be compromised as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.

    I’m sure there are many more questions which the public would like answers to.

    Ivor’s talk:


    • Love this letter to the editor, Full of truth bombs!!
      I agree K Toohey about God and THANK YOU Garry!!! Legitimate questions that everyone should be demanding answers for. This is not propaganda, this is not misinformation. This is real life, This is a fight for freedom and the fight for truth. I’m praying madly that people take their blinkers off and start waking up and standing up to this utter madness! It cannot be allowed to continue. I don’t want my beautiful young children growing up sick and dying from being injected like caged rats with god knows what vaccines, tracked and traced like cattle, dictated to by the government and these Agenda 21, World Economic Forum, GAVI, Bill and Melinda gates Foundations that are really genocide science experimenting people haters. Enough is enough.

  3. I’m a Christian and I whole heartedly believe in God, so I don’t agree to the part about ideologies BUT I totally agree with all the points you bring up about Corruption at ALL levels, the government trying to control us, money and power being shifted to the WRONG people and tyrants needing to be REJECTED and made to publicly answer for their current crimes against humanity blanketed by the cover of a deadly lethal “virus”…. FYI, I personally don’t know ANYONE who’s had coronavirus yet. It’s a virus that’s been around for 40 years, no one ever cared about it before 2020?! Not to mention that PCR tests aren’t an accurate testing device as publicly stated by the inventor and gives false positives (and they keep encouraging people to step forward and get tested), masks have been scientifically proven to be a health hazard when worn for long periods of time and do not protect you from catching SARS viruses but actually increase your risk of getting sick from breathing in the same Oxygen/CO2 over and over again, the vaccine was “suppose to Be” the “way back to normal” but now it’s only 95% effective, needs to be given twice 21 days apart and doesn’t stop transmission, infection OR having to wear masks.
    COME ON PEOPLE… Wake up!! Our economy and people’s lives are being ruined, and for WHAT?!… more control, more dictatorship, more communism… I don’t know about you but that’s not the future I want.

  4. It’s an empty kind of free-thinking when it rejects science, or picks and choose what science to believe. Hans has been at the forefront of anti-5G campaigns, based on utterly bogus pseudo-science, and he no doubt credits himself with independent thinking as a result.
    ‘Independence’ is no substitute for rigour and intellectual integrity.

    • Hi Dave, I haven’t been “at the forefront of anti-5G campaigns”.There are unanswered questions around the technology, which should be in the public domain. My issue is that the close ties between corporations and politics produces a fascist like environment where all questioning is demonised.

  5. ScoMo says ‘pandemic’s the priority not the [coming] election & I beg to differ Mr PM.
    Why haven’t you dealt with mental health problems while in office? Why have you
    avoided ‘aged care’ like the plague it’s become? Those 2 will do for a start because
    they are so obviously the elephant in the room you cannot get away from. We ‘get it’;
    you are stuck with a situation you wanted to stay blind to & would have sat with if
    the rise of the “Pandemic’ hadn’t taken place.” Talk about ‘the undercover elements
    of the blues.’ Still you have your party’s lay-abouts ‘pork barreling’ in pay-backs –
    there’s no lack of ‘large change’ here, there & everywhere. The people [not the
    punters] are onto that as well. Yes, we reckon The Election’s on the nose to win
    over the Pandemic. Many thanks for not listening.

  6. The problem is not so much that “all questioning is demonised” as any sort of questioning is lionised. The belief that the possession of an opinion is of a connection between the mouth and the brain seems to be widespread despite being erroneous. We cannot exist in a world where everything is questioned or questionable,somethings must be taken on trust. Postman and Weingartner (Teaching as a Subversive Activity) told us twenty years ago that we all need to develop an inbuilt ‘crap detector’. For some of us at least all that education has done is encourage the development of a crap extractor. The lies promulgated by the urgers of the advertising industry and the film industry are so all pervasive that nothing is beyond belief and our instinctive rebellion against the tide of untruths and half truths leaves us confused and open to any charlatan who appears confident of some position. All we can do is start making three lists: what we know to be true; what we think might be true; and what is unlikely given scientific understandings. Then we can accept what is true, investigate what might be true and discard what is untrue. The first category is very wide. The second category is surprisingly small and though the third category in this modern world is wide and expanding but with a little thought can be rapidly dismissed.

  7. My crap detector is well on-the-go so I guess I’ll just wait & watch all the new
    ‘State of Emergencies’ merge as they must given the ‘state of the art’ trust
    must turn into dust. In order to deal with flim-flam leaders I’d say we need to
    balance ourselves by stepping back 3 or 4 decades & try on a level headed
    rethink while there’s still something left to save.


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