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April 21, 2021

Latest News

Byron Drag Racers World Record

The local AAA Racing motorcycle team have set a new world record in 100cc class, as well as a top national speed in 50cc class at the recent Australian Speed Week held at Salt Lake Gairdner, South Australia.

Other News

MVP is its own award

It’s easy to get excited about Byron’s new MVP restaurant in Lawson St – it’s not only got standout dishes such as Blue Spirulina Linguine with blue swimmer crab and Yamba prawns, and Fettuccine al Ragù with Hayters Hill beef ragù sauce, feta and baby peas, but it’s also all sustainably sourced from local growers, available in takeaway (even delivered if you’re close to town) and more than half of the menu is plant-based.

Midwife quits

Deb Walsh, Fernleigh It’s become untenable for me to continue working in hospitals. I have quit. I will be deregistered soon...

The Channon resilient after disaster

Northern Rivers communities are nothing if not resilient and The Channon community is preparing to take a proactive stance when it comes to disasters in the area.

Coalition ‘hellbent’

Mat Morris, Bangalow The NSW coalition seems to be hellbent on outdoing their federal counterparts when it comes to the denigration...

Unauthorised dwelling capital of the world!

Could Main Arm’s title as the Unauthorised Dwelling Capital of the World be under threat?

Death for koalas

Maria Paola Torti, Italy I’m Maria Paola Torti. I live in Italy, and I’m very concerned with the NSW coalition government’s...

November 18, 2020

Issue 35.23

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In this Issue:

One day only exhibition this Friday

For someone that drinks the amount of tea that Saffron Shand does it was no wonder that it ended up becoming part of his artwork.


Koala extinction?

Paul Brecht, Evans Head With the threat of koalas becoming extinct by 2050 it could be a reality – if the same morons aren’t voted out in the next state and federal elections. These people haven’t got a clue what’s...


Bikes not cars, Tamara

Louise Doran, Ocean Shores In the Echonetdaily articles (Part 1, Prat 2), MP for Ballina, Tamara Smith, says she sees her job as primarily about helping people and working with the community to stop things that are harming the environment. Sentiments...


Silence him

Bill Ashford, East Balllina The only good thing resulting from the cessation of the local Ballina Weekly was not having to see and read the letters to the editor by that boring left wing @#[email protected]%# Keith Duncan of Pimlico. Much to my...


End fearmongering

Rod Murray, Ocean Shores It was unbelievable and ridiculous that Peter Olson presented his latest, nutty, fearmongering Letter (14 October) about the impending elimination of ‘90 per cent of the world population over the next three years’ by a ‘very sophisticated...


My essential letters

Peter Olson, Goonengerry If Biden wins, it means war with Russia. Hey Warren, repeated replies with 11 references, to your 495 word Echo letter (14 October), were not published by The Echo. The WHO is the highest authority and they now say:...



Fast Buck$, Coorabell When I read about Council’s ‘Sustainable Visitation Strategy’ and Council’s press release accompanying it, I didn’t know whether to larf or barf. ‘The aim… is to support a visitor economy that cares for and respects local resident, protects the...


Care For Country

Caspar Brace, Mullumbimby I have not lived here too long, maybe 15 years, but as I work at the back of Wilsons Creek every week I have been well positioned to notice a very profound change in the general driving speed...


When numbers get serious…

David Morris, Byron Bay I sometimes think that the tourism groups and some Council beings inhabit a parallel universe (I suppose that can be said of many!). How many actually spend much time in the town, I wonder? I do know of...


Staff tinker with affordable housing village proposal

At this week’s planning meeting, Byron Councillors considered changes to the affordable housing village Council is planning to build in Mullumbimby.


Contentious large multi dwelling DA before court, Nov 26, 27

A massive multi-dwelling proposal that would dwarf the existing density of a quiet area in Ocean Shores is set to be determined in the Land & Environment Court for November 26 and 27.


Oregon is on crack

While the NSW government grapples with perhaps the worst state budget deficit ever this week – along with neverending scandals revolving around their lack of a moral compass, greed and hubris – there’s a bill making its way through Parliament that should concern those interested in the neverending and ridiculous ‘war on drugs’.


Byron Shire Council staff move to limit ‘overdevelopment’ on MOs, CTs

Council planning staff are pushing to prohibit dual occupancies and secondary dwellings on approved multiple occupancies (MO) and community titles (CT) in rural areas.


Sand bypass

Matt Hartley, Byron Bay Oliver Dunne (Letters) generally knows what he’s talking about, but I do not want a permanent pumping station off the Cape and I make so bold as to say it may not be necessary. There are a few...


Outdated traffic reports relied upon by Council and developers

Questions around the use of outdated traffic studies by Council and developers to plan the future of Byron Shire remain unanswered, says a local civil engineer.


Residents address court, opposed to West Byron

A group of locals have addressed the Land and Environment Court (LEC) over the proposed West Byron housing development, raising concerns about the traffic, flooding, residential amenity and environmental impacts of the plan.


HLO responds to victims of holiday letting (VOHL)

The peak local holiday letting industry organisation has refuted claims from residents adversely impacted by the activity, specifically around its legality.


Murder in Byron

Mati Jo Beams, Byron Bay I recently witnessed a murder, a hit and run outside the Links golf course on the road from Suffolk Park to Byron. The baby was struck. The driver drove on, either oblivious or uncaring of the fact...


Byron Council investigates The Pocket Road earthworks as runoff fills Marshalls...

Driving up The Pocket Road from Billinudgel, the veil of green is suddenly ripped aside as you see what appears to be a hillside cleared back to bare earth. The first thought is – ‘disaster coming at next rain’.


Pay to save koalas

David Gilet, Byron Bay Conservation of koala populations would be much enhanced if landholders with koala habitat on their properties were compensated with some sort of concession for retaining it and/or for planting wildlife corridors (subject to yearly inspection, of...


Illusory Mullum

Dianne Canabou, Main Arm The rather large pothole on Main Arm Road near Sherry’s Bridge has created an optical illusion. Driving into town it appears on my right and driving back from town it appears on my right again and yet...


Early bird bookings

Melissa Hirsch, Suffolk Park I’m curious to know if any other locals have had their cars booked for early morning visits to the beach (before 6am)? As a local, I, and everyone I talk to, know the no parking 1–6am is purely...


Trumping the Trump

Alan Veacock, Cumbalum On the fourth day of November 2020 desperately needed change came to the USA. A highly dangerous sociopath and pathological liar was taken down, big time, ending the worst period of political and racial upheaval since the civil...


Mullum’s housing ark

Matthew Lambourne, Mullumbimby The Echo’s report last week on Council’s ‘affordable housing’ proposal contains a significant error. It says the report by WMAwater ‘assesses the potential flood issues’; it doesn’t do this, it only assesses the flooding impact of filling the...


Cartoon of the week – 18 November, 2020

We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors.


Your Local Club Academy Games

The North Coast Academy of Sport prepared its largest squad ever to compete at the 2021 Your Local Club Academy Games, held in the Hunter region last weekend.

Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning 21 April, 2021

Check out entertainment listings for the week, with music, dance, cinema and all sorts events happening in and around the Byron Shire

Interview with Toni Childs

Internationally celebrated musician, Emmy winner and three times Grammy nominee Toni Childs is bringing her show to The Brunswick Picture House. With two acts, Childs is promising a special two hour performance as she celebrates her vast catalogue of music, which also saw her celebrate the 30th anniversary of her critically acclaimed album Union in 2019.

Jungle juice

There are times when water just doesn’t cut it. And luckily, for those times, there is Jungle Juice.