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April 21, 2021

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Byron Drag Racers World Record

The local AAA Racing motorcycle team have set a new world record in 100cc class, as well as a top national speed in 50cc class at the recent Australian Speed Week held at Salt Lake Gairdner, South Australia.

Other News

Interview with Toni Childs

Internationally celebrated musician, Emmy winner and three times Grammy nominee Toni Childs is bringing her show to The Brunswick Picture House. With two acts, Childs is promising a special two hour performance as she celebrates her vast catalogue of music, which also saw her celebrate the 30th anniversary of her critically acclaimed album Union in 2019.

Hippie fools

Edward Kent, Suffolk Park So, have the ‘hippie’ hipsters of Byron Bay figured out how the new global establishment party at...

Paramedic pay

Sue McLeod, Myocum  I was saddened by the plight of our paramedics and their union’s frustrated attempts to seek a pay...

Hanging points

Jo Faith, Newtown Many thanks to The Echo for printing ex-magistrate David Heilpern’s remarkable article articulating the ongoing tragic situation surrounding...

No accountability for proven police misconduct

On Australia Day in 1998, I was the legal observer for the ‘Nude Ain’t Rude’ rally at Belongil Beach.

MVP is its own award

It’s easy to get excited about Byron’s new MVP restaurant in Lawson St – it’s not only got standout dishes such as Blue Spirulina Linguine with blue swimmer crab and Yamba prawns, and Fettuccine al Ragù with Hayters Hill beef ragù sauce, feta and baby peas, but it’s also all sustainably sourced from local growers, available in takeaway (even delivered if you’re close to town) and more than half of the menu is plant-based.

November 11, 2020

Issue 35.22

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In this Issue:

Dredging for beaches

Warwick Anderson, Suffolk Park Rising sea levels are eroding our beaches. I have a suggestion. Ask Jerry Harvey to pack up all his ice making machines and send them to the Arctic. Set them up on solar power and on a...


Sweetest victory

Keith Duncan, Pimlico The resounding election win by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, must be ‘the sweetest victory of all’. She endured a massive campaign of bullying and intimidation by: the usual bias in the Murdoch media (Liberal-National party stooges); PM Scott...



Paul Brecht, Evans Head If you are a voter in the USA the choices are one capitalist arsehole or the other one. I look at this as no choice at all. And why are we getting inundated with another country’s politics?


Quarrel of lawyers

Fast Buck$, Coorabell Recently I discovered that Council employs four lawyers and another four people in its media unit. That’s eight professionally-trained truth-benders working arduously to gild the lily. I have to ask whether the show Emperor, Simon Richardson, is about to...


Where beach becomes art

A local artist brought a vibrant splash of colour to The Pass recently, projecting a series of psychedelic displays onto the famous surfing spot.


Editorial – Renewables finally come into vogue

Something doesn’t feel quite right. It appears the NSW Liberal Nationals are moving towards a cleaner future, one that recognises climate change and isn’t coal-fired.


Byron Chamber welcomes new president, kickstarts event

 Mark Ryan, an immigration lawyer, has been appointed as the new president of the Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce.


Emperor Trump has no clothes, nor secret Chinese plots

It’s in the wind all around the world, a global sigh of relief. The American election happened, and despite the Republicans’ best voter suppression efforts, Biden/Harris won, Trump lost.


Mother-in-law user guide launches November 15

A new book by author Ruth Winton-Brown explores the important, but often over looked relationship of mother-in-law.


Gleeson pitches for more arts sector support

They are the unsung heroes of our favourite performance venues – the hardworking crews who keep the shows seamlessly on the road.


Popup book sale from Nov 16

Looking for a good book to read, as a festive season present? Instead of the annual Book Fair in Byron this year, Friends of the Libraries are keeping you COVID-19 safe by creating a popup book sale.


Sandbagging beach erosion

Neil Matterson, Byron Bay With all the sandbagging on the main beach at Byron Bay one could be forgiven for thinking that Byron is preparing for an invasion by a foreign power. It is certainly an invasion by a superpower; nature,...


Invisible protests

Gareth Smith, Palestine Liberation Centre When we saw The Echo’s masthead, ‘Too Many Podcasts and Not Enough Protests’ we naively assumed the editor would relish news of our protest in support of Bernard Collaery, Witness K and Julian Assange. We informed...


Clarkes Beach and erosion

David Gilet, Byron Bay Unfortunately the fact that the Belongil seems to be in good condition is no indication that the beach to the south of it is also in good nick. When I lived in Butler Street I used to walk...


Byron Beach erosion needs to be managed

Oliver Dunne, Byron Bay It will be a tragedy for the community of Byron Bay should they heed the doomsayers on the erosion event at Clarkes and Main Beach and follow a ‘do nothing’ strategy advocated by Dailan Pugh's recent letter. The...


How does your toilet flush affect the Belongil Estuary?

Byron Shire Council are looking to overcome waterlogging of farmland, caused by treated effluent from the Byron Sewage Treatment Plant, by diverting excess effluent via a shorter route to the Belongil Estuary. This appears to be a prelude to upgrading the STP.


Bioenergy white elephant

Andrew Hunter, Bangalow Byron Shire Council are seeking feedback on a $15million bioenergy facility. Don’t do it, $15million really means $25million – a small rate base like Byron Shire should not be the first in Australia. Our rates went up $600...


Dog walking Skennars Head & Sharpes Beach

Stephen McIllhatton, Skennars Head I am not sure if all residents are aware of the change in policy Ballina Shire Council (BSC) has just released regarding dog management on Sharpes Beach. If you read the latest ‘Community Connect Extra’ produced by...


Rous… what’s changed?

A Hart, The Channon I am perplexed by the present situation of Rous County Council pushing its proposal for a Channon/Dunoon dam even before the public consultation period was finished. This dam was previously rejected (2014) on the basis of Endangered Ecological...


Cartoon of the week – 11 November, 2020

We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors.


The health benefits of Davidson plums

Let’s celebrate bush tucker! We are so lucky in Australia to have our own version of a blueberry, that being the increasingly popular Davidson Plum


Take a peek – and be captivated

Established New Zealand/Australian artist Gabrielle Pool has been exhibiting her painting and mixed media work for 27 years across the globe from New Zealand and Australia to Japan…


Spring is here and summer is not far away!

The days are changing, so too is our supply of fruits and veggies. This time of the year we see supplies of asparagus, avocado, beetroot, bok choy, broccolini, capsicum, endive, eggplant, various lettuces, tomatoes, and zucchini;


First woman awarded life membership at Bruns Bowling Club

Lorraine ‘Blossom’ McCormick is the first woman in the long history of the Brunswick Heads Bowling Club to receive the honour of being granted a life membership. To get this award at a club with a 65-year history was definitely...


From Russia with love (and good health)

Zena Gourevitch’s cooking story started many moons ago in an oppressed Russia. ‘I’m from Siberia,’ says Zena. ‘I have lived in Australia 33 years now, but my story of sauerkraut starts from my childhood.


Your Local Club Academy Games

The North Coast Academy of Sport prepared its largest squad ever to compete at the 2021 Your Local Club Academy Games, held in the Hunter region last weekend.

Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning 21 April, 2021

Check out entertainment listings for the week, with music, dance, cinema and all sorts events happening in and around the Byron Shire

Interview with Toni Childs

Internationally celebrated musician, Emmy winner and three times Grammy nominee Toni Childs is bringing her show to The Brunswick Picture House. With two acts, Childs is promising a special two hour performance as she celebrates her vast catalogue of music, which also saw her celebrate the 30th anniversary of her critically acclaimed album Union in 2019.

Jungle juice

There are times when water just doesn’t cut it. And luckily, for those times, there is Jungle Juice.