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January 28, 2021

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It’s legal to grow and distribute – but only by the anointed

Byron based medicinal cannabis producer is sending cannabis to Germany in a breakthrough $92m deal yet the humble plant remains illegal for locals and continues to put people behind bars.

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Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning 27 January, 2021

Lemon Chicken is not only a Chinese takeaway favourite, it's also a great local five piece band who play songs that you forgot you loved. They like to pick and choose from the fine selection of great tunes we all grew up on.

The light within emerges from the ashes

Massimiliano Guerrisi will never forget the sight of his Bega Valley home being devoured during the Black Summer bushfires.

Good advertising

Carole Gamble, Mullumbimby Creek The advertisement inside this week’s Echo and is now circulating throughout our region 'If you are tired...

Cartoon of the week – 27 January, 2021

We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors.

Conspiracy and pubs

Art Burroughes, Mullumbimby Regarding my article Conspiracy in the Pub becomes talking point (Echo, 20 January). How can we avoid falling foul...

Time to transition

Geraldine Crumpton, Fernleigh  I couldn’t agree more with Phillip Fraser’s article, that it really is time for Byron Shire to...

December 2, 2020

Issue 35.25

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In this Issue:

Big effort pays off for Bay FM

BayFM president Nyck Jeanes says that the station looks like it will maintain, and possibly increase, their subscription base, thanks to the big efforts of BayFM staff.


Support for isolated mums in Byron and Tweed

Being a new mum is not always what the ads for nappy wipes would have us believe. Mostly it’s just not glamorous, particularly for brand new mums and a local service is helping by providing support to navigate early parenthood.


Is the sea level rising?

Jim Mangleson, Ocean Shores Last week’s letter from Dailan Pugh contains many provable inaccuracies concerning sea level rise that are based on computer modelling rather than facts. Readers may be relieved to know that measurements of sea level rise in Sydney Harbour...


DA ja vu

Jill Ball, Brunswick Heads Regarding the DA for the boarding house in Bayside Brunswick Heads. In 2012 a 27-room boarding house was proposed at the gym site in Teven Street, Brunswick Heads. The Byron Shire Council opposed the development and the...


Life and limb

Vyvyan Stott, Mullumbimby Our soldiers are accused of war crimes, as they risked life and limb. We did not face an enemy honourably fighting on the frontlines, but rather, cowardly murders and maimings by bombs buried beneath roads. This was not a...


Pardon Assange

Adrian Gattenhof, Mullumbimby It’s the season for pardons as the Trump presidency nears its end. The American president enjoys at least two unconstrained prerogatives: making war, and pardoning the accused or convicted. The blameless Thanksgiving turkey traditionally receives the first ceremonial...


War crimes

Carl Cleve, Byron Bay Thoughts regarding the Afghani war crimes committed by members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF). 1. If you train people to kill, and rob them of their individual moral decision making, it is no surprise that you...


Let’s talk pork!

Put simply, pork barrelling is where certain electorates are favoured by politicans with cash (grants, infrastructure projects etc) to curry favour. It’s questionable though, how ethical the practice is, given it is essentially a bribe.


Parking meters set for upgrade

‘More reliable and easier to read’ parking meters are replacing Byron Bay’s old meters, say Council staff.


Boat Club gets kudos for COVID-19 action

The Rainbow Region Dragon Boat Club has been recognised for ‘great practice’ by Sport NSW.


Former mayor hits back at developer claims

Former Greens mayor and NSW MLC Jan Barham has refuted comments by developer Brandon Saul around a ‘fundamental error’ that led to staff applying a zone label change to the Linnaeus Estate.


Seed savers are getting together for a local seed saving and...

Ever since March of this year, with the COVID-19 pandemic response of lockdowns and the fear it has elicited, there’s been a run on seeds at seed companies.


Positive privilege…

Old White Man MacFarland, Ewingsdale Richard Attenborough, yes... and Joe Biden. Bill Clinton. Jimmy Carter. Robert Redford. Terence McKenna. Jonas Salk. Bob Hope. George Burns. Gough Whitlam. Salman Rushdie. Walt Whitman. Benjamin Franklin. P. G. Wodehouse. Marlon Brando. Frank Lloyd...


Onya Mandy

Mark, Ocean Shores There are so many wonderful, complementary, erudite and positive adjectives which can be easily used to describe you, wonderful Mandy Nolan. Equally, there are as many sad, angry at life, disgusting adjectives which could be used to describe...


A bow for koalas

Alan Veacock, Cumbalum What an outstanding effort by Liberal MLC Catherine Cusack, to stand up to the premier and a belligerent National Party to thwart what would have been a death sentence for what remains of the koala population in...


Managing Byron’s beaches

Oliver Dunne, Wategos Beach In The Echo two weeks ago, I challenged the opinions by prominent environmental campaigner, Dailan Pugh, that long-term erosion plus global warming and rising sea levels are the primary cause of Byron Bay’s current erosion problems. An article...


Overdevelopment on MOs and CTs?

Boyd Warren, Main Arm Having worked as a planning consultant in Byron Shire for the past 40 years I am mystified why Council planning staff ‘are pushing to prohibit dual occupancy and secondary dwellings on approved multiple occupancies (MO) and...


Doing over residents

Richard White, East Ballina Why do governments give precedence to a minority of investors and speculators, over the majority of residents, homeowners, and tenants, when it comes to Airbnb? Who profits? Who loses? All those established motels and hotels and caravan parks...


Cartoon of the week – 2 December, 2020

The deadline for the Byron Echo newspaper is noon Friday and letters longer than 200 words may be cut for the paper. However, longer letters are often published online before or after being published in the paper.


Dear food makers…

The only thing worse than a vegan is an annoying vegan. And I would know because I am one  – I’m very annoying.


Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning 2 December

Showing what is possible for people with disability Celebrate International Day of People with Disability (Dec 3) with Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre. Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre’s latest stage work O, How I Dreamt of Things Impossible, created in association with NORPA,...


Interview with Men Like Us: Lindsay Webb and Dan Willis

It occurred to Nolan and Briggs that maybe the audiences that love their female take on life would love a man’s take on it too – but those men have to come from the same frame as the Women Like Us show. So, Men Like Us was born – a comedy show that features the comedic musings of the very Aussie Lindsay Webb, and UK comedian Dan Willis.


Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Are Farmers the New Hippies?

The face of the environmental movement is changing. For years those of us who stepped forward against big business or government were discredited by being called ‘hippies’ or ‘tree huggers’ or ‘professional protesters’.


The Church Farm General Store’s backyard bliss

Story & photo Melissa Butters Musician Andrew Morris and naturopath Amanda Cullen, co-founders of Church Farm General Store have cultivated a growing business and a blossoming family.   Proud parents of Banjo, Percy and twins Herb and Reggie, and fully embracing their...


Georgia taking care of our health and tastebuds at Santos

Story Eve Jeffery Santos Organics is an iconic Byron brand with a strong heritage, founded in 1978 when the original owners Santi and Osborne traveled around Main Arm with a Holden ute delivering whole foods out of sacks to the...


Rail trail debate

Geoff Meers, Suffolk Park It was good to read David Lisle’s comprehensive and reasoned discussion of the history of the Casino to Murwillumbah rail corridor....

No respect

Chibo Mertineit, Lillian Rock Once again it’s that time of the year where we are meant to celebrate Australia day on 26 January. The day...

A window of trust

Baden Offord, Ocean Shores Wholeheartedly agree with Dave Rastovich’s spot-on letter regarding the value and benefit of The Echo, that it is a ‘trusted window’ (Letters,...

Conspiracy and pubs

Art Burroughes, Mullumbimby Regarding my article Conspiracy in the Pub becomes talking point (Echo, 20 January). How can we avoid falling foul of the growing tsunami of...