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May 27, 2024

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Nearly 700 new EV stations for NSW

Nearly 700 new public kerbside electric vehicle charging stations are to be installed across NSW, in what the government says is the largest rollout in the country.

Other News

Managing aquifers to deal with groundwater loss

Australians have worried about running out of water since before colonisation. Back then, coastal Aboriginal people turned to rivers, streams and lakes for drinking water; those inland, perhaps a mound spring or well-charged rock hole.

Five hours spent at last Thursday’s Byron Council

If you need a fix of local government decision-making, you could dip into the odd five-hour online recording of what occurred at last Thursday’s Council meeting.

Adam says it’s time for a Sunday bus for north Byron Shire

As many people are aware, there is no public transport in the north of Byron Shire on Sundays, making it difficult for people, young people in particular, to get to where they want to go. Adam Luck has decided to take action on this problem. 

Garry Simes racks up 25 finishes at Australia’s oldest ironman triathlon

Ballina Triathlon Club member Garry Simes has achieved the milestone of finishing the Port Macquarie Ironman Australia race, one...

Causes of death

There’s been a lot of talk about an epidemic of violence against women lately, including Dr Ray Moynihan’s article...

Shh – it’s Secret Bridesmaid’s Business

It is the very eve of Meg’s wedding – her mother is fussing over every detail and her best friends are doing little to help. The wedding is the gala event that Meg has dreamed of since she was a girl and one that has taken far too long to come true. But, anything that can go wrong does until the veil is lifted on an unhappy secret, and Meg’s dream is rocked by a revelation she doesn’t want to be true.

March 8, 2023

Byron Shire Echo issue 37.39 – March 8, 2023

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In this Issue:

Carbon credit scams

I watched 4 Corners ABC TV concerning this company buying carbon credits for big polluters and paying villagers in Papua New Guinea (PNG) near nothing, but instead of saving their forests they are commercially logging them. The PNG regime...


Local extinction

We thank The Echo for publishing the letters from John Bradley and David Morris discussing the recent local extinction of many of our unique native birds and plants. Fortunately, these species had no value and will not be missed....

Dick in your pants

All of these blokes circling each other and looking for a war – unevolved idiots! Put your dicks back in your pants and climb back up into the trees. Sorry to insult other tree dwellers. Hannah Grace, Ocean Shores


No climate strike

What the actual fuck? How is it possible there is not a declared School Strike for Climate in this town and others on the north coast this year? What is going on? Okay, maybe the strikers from before covid...


The 90-day cap and STRA planning proposal engagement report – a...

The Short-Term Rental Accommodation Planning Proposal Engagement Report by Locale Consultants on behalf of Byron Shire Council (BSC) relates to community consultation for Council’s proposal tailoring short term rental accommodation (STRA) to the special needs of the Shire’s community.


Grants response

I write in response to your story ‘Grant Me This’, (1 March). Interestingly, my quote in the story states, ‘In accordance with the premier’s memorandum, it is now mandatory for all NSW government agencies and ministerial offices to implement the...

Outrage and scandal

As the Robodebt inquiry brings out more and more scandalous facts about our high-paid public service employees, I have real difficulties digesting what I’m hearing. Someone dreamed up that the government could reclaim over two billion dollars with this...


Mushroom clouds

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock now stands at 90 seconds to midnight, the closest it has ever been, even in the height of the Cold War. Meanwhile, Labor and the opposition enthuse about AUKUS and what...


Humans V koalas

Dale Viola’s letter and the statistic of over 50 koala deaths on our Northern Rivers roads this year is horrific. Council has confirmed at least 13 koala kills in Byron Shire in 2022. This isn’t corrupt corporations or governments, this...


Feros – built on care and respect but that ethos is...

Feros’ $2 million management disrupters knew this would be tricky. The 40 elderly people blissfully living there were perfectly happy with their status quo.


World Naked Bike Ride this Sunday March 12

The World Naked Bike Ride is an annual protest and demonstration in the form of a clothing optional bicycle ride, which happens in approximately 70 cities around the world.


Editorial – Spot the difference

Online artifical intelligence bot, ChatGPT, was asked to write an editorial on local politics in the style of Hans Lovejoy from the Byron Shire Echo. This was the result:


The Voice

It would greatly progress the Voice to Parliament debate if the Nationals were prepared to honestly declare their objections to the process. Their current attitude is transparently flimsy and unbelievable.   Their main concern is obviously the fear that the...


Keeping lights on

If ever there was a political party totally unfit to govern, or even influence governments, it has to be the Greens. They are once again threatening to use their Senate numbers to derail the Labor government’s new laws to...


Vale Brian Perkins, Delltones founding member

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Brian Perkins, a founding member of The Delltones (1958), and a true legend in the music industry.


Robert and his shifty band of the Robodebt rogues

Hearings at the Royal Commission into the Robodebt Scheme will end this week, and its report is due at the end of June.


A moving tribute for Tony Barry

Tony Barry’s tribute on Sunday at the Bruns Picture House was befitting for this larger than life, yet humble and loving Australian icon.


A manifesto on man’s best friend

It is really easy to blame the self-centred entitled boneheads who choose to take their dogs into the no-go areas on the beach.


Byron mayor pushes for holiday letting enforcement

A motion within this Thursday’s meeting agenda by Mayor Michael Lyon, if successful, would ask compliance staff ‘to enforce existing consent conditions which prohibit the use of a property as short-term rental accommodation’.


Doggy do – don’t!

To the princess burying your dog droppings on the no-dog beach at South Golden Beach, then (6.30pm Thursday 2 March) continuing further down the beach towards New Brighton where a family of Sooty Oystercatchers live, you were noticed and...

Nuclear war

Sleepwalking into nuclear war: ‘The delivery of NATO aircraft to Ukraine and their maintenance by a NATO country, will be a direct entry of NATO into the war against Russia, with all the ensuing consequences’; Russian Security Council Deputy...


STRA campaigners gaslighting locals

The latest action from the short-term rental accommodation (STRA) campaigners is an alarmist email exhorting recipients to ‘Join the fight to protect your right to stay in a holiday home in Byron Bay’.


Iron Gates developers roll out the big guns at conciliation meeting...

The Iron Gates site at Evans Head is once again back in the Land and Environment Court following the rejection of a DA by the Northern Regional Planning Panel on 7 September, 2022.


Residents devastated by Feros’ plans to redevelop

With the Feros Care Board announcing to residents and families the closure of Feros Village Byron Bay last Tuesday, questions are being raised around the board’s decision to redevelop the large and valuable Byron Bay land as an ‘intergenerational community’.


The end of an era – knees up for Byron Mitre...

I am sure I am right in saying that the town is in shock at the sudden closure of our local Byron Bay Mitre 10. Unfortunately, this is yet another example of the changing face of Byron Bay, when arguably...

New community meeting room in Lismore

A new community meeting room, free for non-profit organisations and community groups to hire, has been launched at the Lismore Library.

New doco explores ‘God molecule’ found in toads

Are you ready to explore the secrets of the universe through the use of the most powerful psychedelic known to humankind?

Knitting Nannas off to Canberra

The prolific anti-fossil fuel campaigners are to meet with Federal Energy and Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen to raise concerns over Labor’s Future Gas Strategy.

Dutton doubles down on nuclear

Despite clear evidence that the Coalition's nuclear power policy is untenable, Peter Dutton and friends are sticking with this industrial-level distraction, forcing us all to talk about it instead of focusing on real solutions to Australia's energy needs.