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We all live in a magic submarine…

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Morrison’s dream, brought to you by the ALP and a mere 368 billion dollars.

Several commentators have remarked that, while the mainstream media is locked in furious agreement with the government over AUKUS and the trillion dollar submarines (a guess at the final price tag), social and independent media are telling quite a different tale.

The whole scheme originates with Morrison, which should ring alarm bells (did he secretly install Hillsong cultists in the defence department?), and they ring louder when we consider that the USA doesn’t have the political stability to promise support through the next two or three decades. A president called Trump or DeSantis would likely disable the treaty with budget cuts or dismantle it outright. Similarly the UK government has no political strength, no social capital, and it has no economic stability either.

But somehow most members of the major parties, and mainstream journalists, with a few honourable exceptions, have swallowed whole ‘the colonial Anglosphere will save us from the Chinese’ bullshit, and tumbled over each other to affirm what a brilliant act of statesmanship Albanese has performed.

It is by no means sure that this is what the electorate believes, and notably two former prime ministers have criticised the scheme, but the difference between them and Albanese is that Keating and Turnbull don’t have to face the polls ever again, which leaves them a certain freedom to tell the truth as they see it. The current PM knows that if he had nixed AUKUS and the magic submarines, he would have had the whole of the Murdoch and Nine falsehood factories spitting lies and outrage from now until the 2025 election.

This is a sad truth, and it leads to another: for the same reason (a vicious corporate and media campaign aimed at preventing a Labor re-election) the government thinks it has to keep subsidising fossil fuels and to keep approving more and more mines, even though every bit of scientific evidence says, stop now or ruin the planet – and they all know this.

This is the political reality. The billionaires who have fought to the top of this particular money tree would rather see a thousand years of famine, war and plague happen to other people than suffer the slightest impediment to their pursuit of wealth.

In this sense it is already too late to save ourselves, no matter how many delusional submarines we buy with the money that should go to welfare, health and education. There may be a narrow scientific path to zero emissions and non-catastrophic warming, but in Australia at least there is no political path to this goal.

Given that we cannot do the right thing, we must invest in the means of doing the wrong thing. Hence the sinister growth of anti-protest legislation everywhere. The draconian laws are not so much for the current climate protesters; they are a munition set aside against future desperate activists. The government knows that as the climate dislocation grows, and more people are affected by fire, flood, cyclone and drought, it will need extreme coercive powers to keep order.

Having grovelled before a defence department packed with anti-Chinese Americanophiles, and granted the fossil-fuel lobby all the mines they could ever dream of, the Albanese government is now heading for a third submission to the greed industry. The issue is carbon credits as regulated by the Safeguard Mechanism (Crediting) bill, now struggling to get through parliament.

The Greens’ reaction to the bill is simple: ‘The evidence from this inquiry [into the bill] is clear. Under Labor’s Safeguard Mechanism, actual pollution from coal and gas goes up and the climate crisis gets worse.’

However, it is possible that Labor can spin this as the Greens’ intransigence and win yet more plaudits from Murdoch and Nine. In that case the former PM most disgusted should be Kevin Rudd, who signed the Kyoto Protocol for Australia.

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  1. Questions: So are you advocating for the Euroasian elites to micro-manage us with Social Credit scores, or for the Western liberal elites to micro-manage us with Carbon Credit scores? Are you for or against a US president getting us to defend ourselves, especially since our primary form of defense would have to be not pick fights or join in on other peoples fights anymore? Every bit of evidence promoted says the end is nigh, have you looking at the other evidence, such as the USGS Climate Reference Network data, or everything the IPCC members that get fired and silenced have exposed? Why are the number and severity of weather events registered by governments agencies is not increasing, yet the number reported on and media hype used in that reporting keeps going up? What difference would shutting down our coal plants even make when China and India approve new ones by the dozen? Why would the rulers who print the money, care about getting money from others, when the only thing left for them to gain is increased powers over the population? Why does anyone care what conservative media says when everything of importance they advocate against ends up happening in one form or another anyway?

    We love you, but some times you make me give you funny looks.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Hans.
    Scott Morrison’s gifts to the ALP: Robodebt and useless and dangerous nuclear submarines

    • You don’t want us to buy weapons that are dangerous?
      You may enjoy my Mum’s new favourite video… youtube:’Chinese Military To Just Shout Wrong Pronouns At American Soldiers’

  3. Seriously David if you think that we as a nation
    Should not make future plans to defend our
    Country… you must be kidding mate..who ya going to call… superman, batman, spiderman.. it’s
    Comical to suggest that china has no plans to be
    The superpower in the Asia.. have a look at the Baltic Nation’s defence budget for such small
    Nation’s it’s huge ..why ..because Russia are on the borders again ..Estonia .. Latvia..Lithuania..have given 50% of the defence force capabilities to
    Ukraine..because they know the price of freedom..
    We as a nation have had nothing but freedom
    Since the 2nd world war.. as keating said if anyone
    Was to try and invade Australia we would blast them out of the waters ? Really Paul what with ..
    Australia’s defence & capabilities ..ships ..planes
    We have very few .. are old and no challenge
    To any country with idea’s of taking Australia..
    Yes we will have other Nation’s that will come to our aid ..but in a full-blown war they will protect
    Themselves firstly.. keating is nothing more that
    China loving Rat .. who was never pulled into line
    In that interview with ..it’s in my charter to be
    Impartial..Laura Bias tingle .. so in summary David
    So instead of being so concerned about the
    Biggest hoax in history” climate change”.. or the
    Closure of all coal-fired power plants…
    Or Net zero…!! Or the woke march through our
    Institutions… worry about not ..but when we are
    Taken by a super power… and all you latte
    Sipping lefty elitists , green obstructionists who have
    Stood in the way of any progress regarding our
    Defence capabilities… i will be the first to hand
    You all weapons at the front of the line to defend
    This great country.. any takers ?

    • We all love a good Barrow Bomb.
      Defense always falls to people like us. They will be sucking up to the new regime. The only thing the left will be good for is as food when supplies run out.

    • Barrow, “.. worry about not ..but when we are Taken by a super power…”, please do catchup, we’ve already long been… Taken by US A.

      Australia is USA puppy dog; we’ve got the Pine Gap and Harold E Holt USA bases; we have USA military visits and rotations;we say “how high” when USA asks us to jump into invasions and wars of sovereign countries – eg Vietnam and Iraq – that have not threatened Australia.
      In no way am I defending Russia but don’t you think it ironic and hypocritical that Australia slams Russia for invading Ukraine, when we’ve done the same thing in Vietnam and Iraq.

      Now we going to buy Nukeit Subways from USA.
      How long to wait for the ‘we going to war’ phone call from USA… ‘you’ve got our Nukeit Subways, time to give those babies a workout’!

      • Russia is China’s puppy dog. The west is trying to surround China. Russia is China’s northern border. China is the largest military manufacturer. Russia will never run out of weapons. Prolonging the war by sending weapons is just getting more Ukrainians killed for nothing.

        We had a chance to declare neutrality or join BRICS+. Too late now. No amount of super weapons will keep us out of it. It won’t stop our elites saying ‘We have to fight them over there, so we don’t end up fighting them over here’. And all the sheeple, like usual, will believe them. Nuke subs are long range attack weapons. Expect more offensive purchases at the expense of our defense.

        • The Ukrainians are fighting and dying to save their existence as a people and a nation. It’s the Russians who are dying for nothing, or rather Putin’s dreams of an empire long dead.

          • Why is Georgia still a separate country? In fact, why are all those weak countries to Russia’s south still separate countries? Why did Putin negotiate 3 different treaties binding Kiev to treat ethnically Russia-Ukrainians as equal citizens and stop killing them? Why didn’t Russia just invade in 2015 while the US was openly militarizing Ukraine? Why did Putin send in a small volunteer force to drive Kiev back to the negotiation table instead of sending the actual Russia Army to blitzkrieg the whole country in a weekend?

            If Ukrainians are so patriotic, why did 1/3rd of their population immediately leave the country before the border was closed on them and forced conscription started? Why has the Pentagon been forced to admit that 2/3rds of the weapons sent to Ukraine have ended up on the black market, or sold to Russia by Ukrainian troops? I could go on for some time, but unless you followed the Ukrainian civil war for 8 years, you’re never going to understand how ridiculous the Aust Gov propaganda is.

            I suggest you go listen to some old Russell Bentley interviews and watch some old Patrick Lancaster reports. Watch the Oliver Stone documentaries. Being willing to expend every last Ukrainian life for something that neither threatens nor benefits you, makes you the evil one.

      • Joachim get with the program… if it were not for the Americans we would most likely
        Be flying the Japanese Flag.. so the very
        Freedom’s we all enjoy to this very day
        Are because of the sacrifices our defence
        Forces..men & and women .. disrespectful !!
        And if you are not happy with the current
        Arrangements.. Qantas… up up and away !!

        • Well actual, the imperial archives show Japan had no intentions of invading Australia. They were engaged in a war with China and the Americans had been continuously interfering in the region. After a year of Roosevelt goading Japanese, they struck Peril Harbor as a warning to the US to stop interfering.

          The US government used this as an excuse to override the wishes of their citizens, and declared war on Germany. The northern radar system of the islands was removed without explanation and was found in the 80s, still packed in boxes. The US code breakers told the Navy when to move the modern warships out and have them drive in circle away from the action, while leaving the obsolete WWI ships as targets.

        • With respect to defence personnel past and present, none of what you wrote addressed the issue that we / Australia are now a vassal state of the USA.
          WW2, ended long ago, trotting that those lines justifying the line of, ‘Forever All the Way with the USA’ is rather silly.

          • Barrow, as an add on, no need for me to leave / fly off. I’m here to help right things and besides, QANTAS has so much trouble with planes and flights schedules you are hard pressed to get off the ground and go anywhere. I’m staying right here.

          • We could declare ourselves neutral and arm up like crazy. Switzerland did it 400 years ago and haven’t been hassled by anyone since.

  4. I could argue that when our AUKUS submarines arrive we will be too busy dealing with the effects of climate change to worry about China, but Steinberg and Barrow know better than the scientists, so that argument won’t fly. It does, however, strike me as strange that we should be spending all this money protecting our vital trade routes against China (the government’s rationale), when it is China that does the greatest amount of trade with us.

    • Youtube popped that old Utopia clip up for you too?
      There are plenty of good arguments against nuke subs, if you couldn’t think of one, maybe listen to Steinberg more. Our Scientists know more than your experts.

    • With respect David .. the apparent climate change
      Emergency..? The meaning of the word “EMERGENCY ” in imminent danger ” is
      Australia or the world in imminent danger david ?
      I think not ..and please don’t mention the last
      Flood as unprecedented because it was not..
      All this gaslighting for 50 years mate ..name one
      Prediction those so called experts have been
      Warning about that has come true ? The
      Barrier reef alarmists never been in better condition for the past 35 years ..yet all doom & gloom ..even the far left ABC had to admit this..
      Kicking and screaming of course .. polar bears
      Numbers at extinction RATES.. .. load of crap .
      The numbers are huge..sea level rises..our
      Neighbourhoods to the north.. 50% of the islands are growing
      The remaining are stable..some have small
      Inundation .. very few though.. temperature Rises
      Have been so small that if records were not keep
      We would not have noticed them at all..
      Now let’s start with the experts ..Al Gore &
      Tim Flannery .. how many of those two’s predictions have come true David ? Shall i answer that for you ? ZERO … on Flannerys advice whilst
      A expert working for the Taxpayer’s he gifted us
      The desalination plant in Sydney..never been used
      David .. how many staff that have departed the
      IPPC have blown the whistle on the lies regarding
      This so called Climate change Nonsense…then to
      Top it off .. young impressionable teens brainwashed into thinking the world is going to end
      Now you could forgive them if they were born
      In the early 1900s ..then you may have something to be concerned about.. wars..Pandemics..etc…
      Mental health issues have risen 40% amongst our
      Teens regarding this nonsense.. what a disgrace..
      My opinions David ..the above debunked time after time.. NEXT .. !!

      • Barrow, Barrow, Barrow, as you say it all, “My opinions David”.
        Barrow, Climate Emergency is real, the Climate Science is real.

        You won’t accept the research of the IPCC, 30 plus years of scientific work and the reality of the warned climate catastrophies now being visited upon us all. But even before the IPCC started working some 30 years ago, your Fossil Fuel Industry hero, the Exxon, knew in the late 1970’s / early 1980’s, all about the burning of fossil fuels and global warming. It led to Exxon, denying, misinformationing and delaying releasing their scientific research until Exxon was finally outed.
        Barrow, Climate Emergency is Real, the Climate Science is Real.

        The Lismore Flood Emergency February 2022, it was a record flood level at 14.4 metres.
        But here you are again, saying it wasn’t, but you provide no recorded flood measurements that surpass the 14.4 metres.
        Barrow, Climate Emergency is Real, the Climate Science is Real.

        On Our Reef, more bollocks from our wannabe Marine Scientist Barrow.
        How many mass coral bleachings have there been again? Let me help you out…1998, 2002, 2016,2017, 2020, 2022…all just wonderful stuff keeping Our Reef in rare great healt, yeah.
        Barrow, Climate Emergency is Real, the Climate Science is Real.

        Our Island Nation neighbours and sea level rises, just ask the communities of Kiribati, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands what they think about your proposition that all is well with their ‘growing’ islands.
        Barrow, Climate Emergency is Real, the Climate Science is Real.

        Barrow, “My opinions David”. Yes, and debunked time after time.. NEXT .. !!

    • David , 100%.
      Minister Nukeit Subways Marles, grasping at straws, making himself look sillier and sillier, with flying this China and trade routes kite.


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