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March 4, 2024

Reasons to be cheerful

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Government convenes Coastal Water Safety Roundtable today

NSW Minister for Emergency Services Jihad Dib will lead an expert roundtable looking at how more lives can be saved on NSW beaches after more than a dozen coastal drownings this summer.

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Council’s excuse for letting the bulldozers into the Wallum site is that it will lose in court and waste...

Investment fraud charges – Gold Coast

Detectives from the Financial and Cyber Crime Group have arrested and charged five people in relation to an alleged ‘boiler room’ investment fraud operating on the Gold Coast.

How to supply water to the increasing population?

It is predicted that the next 40 years will see the demand for water increase by 50 per cent in the local government areas that Rous County Council supply with water.

Bypass the supermarket duopoly

With more and more people feeling the pressures of Australia’s cost-of-living crisis and the government launching investigations into supermarket...

Time for marriage?

I have a huge dilemma that I thought your readers might be able to help me with. I never got...

Firefighters called to Bruns Bakery yesterday

Fire and Rescue NSW say they attended commercial premises in Fingal Street in Brunswick Heads after reports of an electrical fire at 4pm yesterday afternoon.

Thumbs up for the election of a new government.

After nine long years of being led by the least among us, Australia’s future feels optimistic. Thanks, Western Australia, you were instrumental in booting those numpties out! 

Aussie voters rejected a smirking, lying, bullying, misogynist, corrupt middle manager with no vision and a lust for power without any meaning.

In other words, Scott lost the election because he was terrible at his job and people eventually noticed.

Smirks has been sent to the back of the class – on the backbench – along with his remaining few mates who were voted back in by their electorates.

They include. 

Just some MPs who wanted less government in their lives, and then got it, include treasurer Josh Frydenberg, Gladys Liu, Tim Wilson, Craig Kelly, Katie Allen, Dave Sharma, Erik Abetz, Amanda Stoker, Zed Seselja, Jason Falinski, Ben Moreton and Trent Zimmerman.

What’s more remarkable is that voters ignored mass media propagandist, Murdoch (News Corp), who threw everything to try and convince them otherwise. It was a complete repudiation of News Corp as a political force. The role of media, of course, is to hold the powerful to account. And when media and politics merge, as history demonstrates, it never ends well. 

It appears that massive ad spend from the UAP, by gigantic miner billionaire, Clive Palmer, resulted in just one Senate seat. And the seat for One Nation’s Pauline Hanson is in trouble – more Australians want to smoke weed and support the Legalise Cannabis Australia party than vote for incoherent racists and selfish mining billionaires.

So hats off to you, Australia, for ignoring their lies and spin and voting against stupid. 

The Greens and Independent vote has never been stronger, and real action on climate change is more tangible than it has been in a decade. There appears a much better gender balance and cultural mix in federal parliament than ever before. Hooray!

Now begins the repair to the enormous damage done to our democracy and institutions by the Liberal-Nationals.

The public sector, the ABC, CSIRO, courts, tribunals, regulators, trade unions, charities, community legal centres and NGOs need reinvestment and their powers strengthened.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Labor won’t be totally shit. But federal governance could not have been any worse.

This is an extremely low bar to jump. 

We will never have to hear what Jenny thinks again, and the national conversation, dominated by sociopathic, mean-spirited, white privileged blokes, has now moved on from the 1950s. One hilarious election take was an observation from the ABC’s Casey Briggs: For the first time, the Liberal Party is unlikely to hold any seats overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Hans Lovejoy, editor

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  1. Thankyou Hans for a well written totally transparent sum-up of the election results. I agree with everything you’ve said.
    Audis for Mandy Nolan’s terrific first time effort. She would have been great for our community. Hopefully she will keep her hat in the ring.

  2. Everyone reading this is alive so be cheerful.
    That is the reason to be cheerful.
    Just think, if you were dead you would not be cheerful.

  3. No one reading this article knows amything about Westrern Australia.
    If they did, they would be in Western Australia.

  4. Yes, many would agree, it was more a defeat of the bias corrupted Murdoch and other media than a defeat of the actual Lieberal National party’s. The partisan and mostly contrived attacks on Labor by that media throughout the LNP term in office and especially the election have to be seen to be believed. We can now expect the usual media suspects to ramp up the culture wars even further with Labor in Govt. Sadly there are still many who allow themselves to be fooled by the empty distractive LNP/Media culture wars, while the completely unaccountable Govt flounders from one catastrophe to the next and runs up trillion plus debt!
    Australia needs to follow countries like Canada and introduce a similar, “Canadian Radio Act Legislation”, making it a criminal offence, to lie mislead or misinform in the media, with massive fines and imprisonment, for a media that are basically just far right extremist 5th columnist propaganda units, pushing their distractive culture wars.
    We have all seen how this media propaganda has torn apart the fabric of society in the USA, let’s act on this before it’s to late here in Australia? This Govt corruption we have just been forced to endure can only happen with an equally corrupted media. It’s actually quiet frightening that so many people were so distracted by the usual suspects in the media, that they could actually still vote for the LNP with the mass of evidence right before their own eyes, even if that evidence was never ever allowed to be investigated by that media or any of the authorities charged to do so?
    Make no mistake, this media in its present form, will deliver that dark dystopian future we see in novels, unless it is acted on?

    • Is that so that ScoMo could have put you in jail for your comments on the Echo?
      Can you tell me a definition of mis or dis information that we couldn’t directly use against you?
      We intend to action against your media that will deliver that dark dystopian future we see in novels, unless it is acted on.
      Make no mistake Tweed, you are the tyrant that wants to crush all those who descent against your opinion. Can’t have them show people other evidence that contradicts your religious believes.
      Even the European parliament has condemned Trudeau for his actions.

      • There’s a difference between “opinion” and demonstrated pattern of repeated deliberate lying, disinformation and propaganda. Only a privileged one-eyed #### wouldn’t acknowledge it’s not a good thing and shouldn’t be reined in.
        Removal of Australia’s media ownership laws by your LNP mates caused a decline in truth and accuracy in reporting, towards severely biased reporting that obscures facts and pushes an agenda.
        I can’t see anything in Tweeds comment worth launching such a bizarre and stupid tirade. And who mentioned Trudeau anyway?

        • Do you know the life story of Nicolaus Copernicus?
          Your lot are the Holy Roman Empire reborn. Got to crush those whose disagree with the consensus of those mainstream experts. The science is settled remember. And the government always tell the truth, your ‘truth’ that is.

  5. So is every political stripe going to get their own government funded TV channels and other institutions, or am I stuck paying for you lefties again.

  6. Steinburg, look it up in a dictionary! if you can sit through 5 hours of Sky After Dark LNP culture war propaganda every night and then watch the Sky crazies on Sunday morning, you’re part of the misinformation, disinformation problem also! Like I said, take a look at what this has done to the USA?
    200 plus mass shootings this year and there is nothing anyone can do about it because the corrupted media refuse to hold the corrupted Republican party to account. The USA election removed the Republican party. Just as our corrupted media refused to hold our corrupted LNP to account. Well our elections are over, but just like the USA the media corruption is still there?
    Whats this about religious beliefs, if you want to believe in any or the estimated 2600 gods invented by mankind, you’re free to do so. Just don’t go committing atrocities against anyone for refusing to kowtow to your chosen gods and the cults contrived beliefs?

    • I see tweed you 💯 supported the election
      Success of the democrats ousting Trump
      In doing so ..!! Yet you seem to ignore the fact mate that no fucking political party in the good old
      USA will have zero chance of … “you can’t stop
      us you can only hope to contain the NRA ..
      Yet what has that stupid Biden suggested
      In the past 12 months .? The biggest threat
      To American security is wait for it !!
      Climate change… !! Thats your man Tweed ..
      What a fool …

      • Plandemic, no shootings.
        Ukraine war story, no shootings.
        Narrative starts collapsing, USA and Australia shootings right on cue. What a coincidence!
        I’m not a fan of Jim Fetzer, but it seems a good time to promote his books.

    • Go look at the statistics. The more firearm ownership in an area, the less violence there is.
      I threw my TV out in 2015 when I realised I hadn’t turned it on for years. Obviously you are glued to your programming.
      And I’m not religious, I’m ethnically Jewish on my Mother’s side. That should be enough to get Israeli citizenship but they get upset when you refer to it as ‘Occupied Palestine’ and go on about the Sabbatean Frankists rootless cosmopolitan shape-shifting reptilian chicken swingers ruling the world. I think my tikkun olam makes them nervous.

  7. Bravo Bravo Hans .!! Yes it certainly is such a relief
    Ms Keneally has decided to make her home
    In south west Sydney.. it will be like a duck to water
    Transitioning.. that was her commitment to the electorate winor lose 👏.. as one resident suggested Ms Keneally has been so successful
    In her political career it would only be fitting
    To have a minister to represent the electorate
    Wow one of the mean girls what a privilege..!!


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People becoming severely ill at home due to heat

People experiencing financial and social disadvantage are struggling to keep their homes cool in summer and becoming seriously unwell from the heat, new ACOSS research has found.

Firefighters called to Bruns Bakery yesterday

Fire and Rescue NSW say they attended commercial premises in Fingal Street in Brunswick Heads after reports of an electrical fire at 4pm yesterday afternoon.

Rifle Range Road upgrade about to start

It’s a project that has endured many delays, but Byron Shire Council says the upgrade of Rifle Range Road at Bangalow is finally due to start in early April.

Invasive Species Council gives evidence to federal fire ant inquiry

A Senate Committee inquiry will hear evidence today that changes are needed in Australia’s fire ant response – including the creation of an independent eradication authority.